Friday, March 31, 2017

Episode 200 - 3/31/67

Burke asks Sam to say it again. He says Roger was behind the wheel of Burke's car the night of the accident. He makes him repeat it several times. Sam repeats that Roger killed the man. Sam explains that his wife was sick and he was desperate for money. He gave Roger his paintings, and Roger gave him money for them—though he was really buying his silence. He says the money was worthless, as his wife died at the hospital. That led him to drink. Burke tells Sam that prison was hell, and Sam says he's known that and suffered with it for the past 10 years. Maggie comes in and finds Sam and Burke. She's proud that he told Burke the truth. She asks if Burke is going to send her father to prison. Burke reminds her that he spent five years in jail because of her father. She says that he's suffered, too. Burke tells her that she can't imagine what he's gone through. Sam says Burke wants revenge, not justice. He tells Maggie that he's waited 10 years for this day, and he doesn't know what he's going to do. He wants to think of all the things he might do to Sam and to Roger.

Liz tells Roger she's done explaining things to him. Roger says he doesn't understand why she lets Jason stay and snoop around. She asks where he's been that he shouldn't be. She asks if he's been in the basement. Roger says he's taking over Collinwood. Liz suggests he's upset that Jason is drinking his precious brandy, and Roger says that it's not that he drinks his brandy, his attitude is that it's his brandy. Liz explains that it's her house, and Jason knows it. Roger says that Jason doesn't act like it's her house. Liz tells Roger that he doesn't either.

Sam asks if they have to go to Collinwood. Burke says yes—they'll wake Roger if they have to. Maggie says he's not going, but Sam says he's got to do what Burke wants. Burke reminds her that it's his decision whether her father goes to prison. Sam tells her it's the least he can do. Sam says that Roger thought he'd never have the guts to tell Burke, so he wants to see his face when he finds out.

Jason pours himself a drink and lounges in the drawing room. Roger walks in, and Jason invites him to join him for a nightcap. Roger declines, saying he's come down for a book. Jason speaks of all the things he loves about Collinwood. Roger suggests that Jason leave first thing in the morning, and then asks him to. Jason refuses, and the two men enter into a shouting match. Jason suggests that while he doesn't own the place, neither does Roger. He says he's Liz's guest. Just then, Liz walks in, and Jason tells her that Roger has been reminding him that he's not welcome in Collinwood. Jason says that perhaps he misunderstood Liz's invitation to make himself at home. Roger asks Liz to tell Jason to leave tomorrow. Jason says that if she asks him to leave tonight, he will. He tells Liz it wouldn't reflect on their long history, and the memories of her husband. He reminds her that there are some memories he won't let her forget. He forces her to make a decision, and she says that he can stay. Roger is disappointed in her decision. Jason says he's relieved now that they've had this out, and Roger leaves the room.

Jason says that he hopes Roger is satisfied. She explains that he's puzzled by Jason's presence. He tells her that he would appreciate it if she made sure Roger didn't share his disappointment again. She says that while Roger can't make Jason leave, she can't make Roger happy to have him stay. He says goodnight, and when she doesn't reply, he presses her to return the sentiment. She reluctantly says goodnight and he goes to his room. There's a knock at the door.

It's Sam and Burke to see Roger. She says it's late, and Burke tells her to wake him. She says this is ridiculous, and Burke says she'll understand why it's important when she hears what they have to say. She asks Sam if this has to do with his paintings. He says no. She asks why they're there, and before she can respond, Roger starts downstairs and asks what all the racket is. He sees Burke with Sam. Burke says they've come to speak to him. Both of them.

Our thoughts

John: Wouldn't Burke have known about Sam's wife and financial situation? They've already established that they knew Burke before.

Christine: He may have known but not have realized the connection to Sam accepting a bribe from Roger and allowing Burke to go to jail, if Sam hadn't explained the circumstances.

John: I thought we might finally see Roger take to fisticuffs against Jason McGuire. Things are going to be mighty uncomfortable in Collinwood while this particular houseguest is present.

Christine:  It will be lots of fun to watch Roger not try to play nicely with Jason. Roger has a good question for Liz when he asks how much more Jason will force her to do. It seems the sky's the limit with Jason McGuire. His portrait may overlook the drawing room in another week.

John: Just when Roger thought things were as bad as they could be, he comes downstairs to see Burke and Sam confronting him.

Christine: What a great way to celebrate 200 episodes of Dark Shadows!

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