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Episode 182 - 3/7/67

In the drawing room, Vicki tells David to concentrate on his schoolwork. He tells her that he's made up his mind about going with his mother. He says he's liked Collinwood since Vicki came, but he's decided he wants to go away with his mother. Vicki says he should wait to decide until his aunt returns home. He says he's scared since seeing his face in the fire, and thinks it was a warning that he should leave Collinwood. Vicki reminds him of the painting he appeared in with his mother. He asks if he's in danger as Dr. Guthrie walks in. David says he'll ask his father as soon as he returns, and that he'll let him go. He runs off, and Guthrie tells Vicki that he'll work with Roger, telling him what they found out about Laura's ancestors.

Roger returns from seeing Liz in Boston. Guthrie tells him that he wants to talk about keeping David from Laura. He asks him point blank if he wants David to die. He says they have evidence that Laura is setting out to destroy her son. Guthrie describes the empty graves of Laura's ancestors. He tells Roger that he thinks Laura plans to burn David alive.

Meanwhile, Vicki also tells Burke that they suspect Laura plans to burn David alive. She asks for his help for David. Burke recounts what Vicki told him about the empty graves and the empty vault in Phoenix, and how they all died by fire. She also tells about the newspaper article which describes the son David that was burned alive with Laura's ancestors.

Back at Collinwood, Roger responds to Guthrie's claims about Laura with disbelief. He is surprised to hear that Laura's ancestor burned her son alive with her. Roger remains unconvinced.

Burke agrees to think about what Vicki told him.

David asks his father about his aunt Elizabeth, and Roger tells him the doctors have said she has improved. David tells his father that he saw himself in the fire in the fireplace, and Roger suggests he might have imagined it. David tells him that he thinks he wants to go away with his mother. He asks if he can, and Roger asks if he loves and trusts his mother. David says that he does. Roger tells him, "We'll see," and asks him to run along.

Roger pours himself a drink and watches as the book of newspaper clippings opens to the article about the boy, David, who died in the fire. He calls Vicki and and says the boy who was burned alive with Laura didn't want to be saved.

Our thoughts

John: So David thinks he wants to leave with his mother. He goes from unsure to pretty positive, and yet we don't really see anything that would justify his making that decision.

Christine: He is making the decision based on his misinterpretation that his face in the flames is a sign that he and his mother are both in danger of burning and it's a warning to leave Collinwood.

John: They do a good job inter-cutting between Guthrie telling Roger what they found about Laura's ancestors, and Vicki telling Burke the same story. Nice way to get through the exposition in half the time.

Christine: It will be interesting to see how they both handle themselves around Laura, knowing this information, and if either one will confront her about it.

John: Roger finally sees Laura for the possible threat she presents to David. But what will he do with that information?

Christine: He will probably drink more cognac to cope with his fear of what Laura will do when he tries to keep David away from her.

David Henesy has a turn with the slate today.

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