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Episode 184 - 3/9/67

Guthrie tells Laura that she's the undead. That she's lived, and died, and somehow returned to walk the earth. She says he's ridiculous. He asks if she denies that she's the undead, to which she replies, "And if I am?" He says if she is, and he's sure she is, this is a significant moment. He asks if she's aware what this means to the world of the living. He says what disturbs him the most is why she's come back. She says surely his investigation has identified that.

She says she wants to be together with David, in a place far from here. He asks her to name the place, and why she needs David so desperately. He says she hasn't denied his claim, and she says she hasn't admitted it either. He suggests she wants David for a specific purpose. He asks if she represents the forces of good or evil. And why does Josette oppose everything she's doing. She says he'll have to ask her that, and he says he will. He asks her to explain the empty coffins; all the missing Laura Murdochs. He begs her for David's sake to leave the boy alone. He says he'll help her if she leaves David alone. He says if not, he'll tell others about her, and she says no one will believe him. That he's powerless.

Joe arrives at Collinwood to meet with Guthrie. Guthrie tells Joe that he confronted Laura, and she's ready to lash out, and soon. They need to block any opportunity that she has. He says that Josette is the only one who seems to know about Laura, and they need to contact her via another seance. He wants to get David, Vicki, and Sam Evans to join them. He tells Joe he needs him to convince Sam to join them at the old house. Joe agrees to try and convince Sam to come.

Inside, Guthrie runs into David, and tells him that tonight, Vicki's going to take him to a secret place, but he needs to keep it a secret. 

Sam whines about his hands not yet being healed. He wants to resume painting before tourist season. Joe arrives, and apologizes to Maggie that he's not going to be available tonight. He says he needs Sam. He says that Dr. Guthrie wants Sam's help. Sam says he likes Guthrie. Maggie asks what it's all about, and Joe asks her to keep the secret. They want Sam to join them for a seance at the old house. They want to talk to Josette about Laura, and Guthrie thinks that Josette may have been using Sam to paint the portraits of Laura. Sam says he can't do a preposterous thing like that.

Laura paces around the cottage before sitting down in front of the fireplace.

In the main house, Guthrie seems to be getting uncomfortably hot.

Joe tells Sam that the seance may help Mrs. Stoddard. He asks Sam how he burnt his hands. Sam realizes he might find the truth about it if he does attend a seance. Maggie asks him to stay away from Collinwood.

Laura's eyes are superimposed over an image of Guthrie. He removes his glasses and clutches at his head.

There's a knock at the door, and David let's in Joe to see Dr. Guthrie. He goes into the drawing room and sees Guthrie looking uncomfortable. Joe tells him he talked to Sam, and he's agreed to join them. Joe says he'll get things setup at the old house, and leaves Guthire, who is once again seen superimposed with Laura's eyes. He gets up and approaches the fireplace. He reluctantly moves closer and says, "Don't let it happen to me now!"

In the foyer, David sees the ghost of Josette on the stairs. She points him to the drawing room and disappears.

David goes in and finds Guthrie, near the fireplace. His body curls back to look David in the eyes.

Our thoughts

John: Great slate shot with Laura today!

Christine: I was not expecting Guthrie to be so thrilled about being the first parapsychologist to converse with one of the undead. Once again, he threatens her and does not anticipate that she will try to stop him with her powers of entrancement.

John: Josette makes an appearance at the main house, and they're scheduling the seance for the old house. Seems pretty rude considering she's already in the main house.

Christine: I always thought that Kathryn Leigh Scott was the only one to portray the ghost of Josette, but apparently she is played by Rosemary McNamara in this episode, as well as Episodes 149 and 165. I still think it looks like Maggie in #149 though.

John: Laura works her magic on Guthrie once again, but to what end? With Sam, it was clear she burned his hands to keep him from painting. But toying with Guthrie? Kill him, or otherwise disable him. It makes no sense to just torment him for brief periods.

Christine: I don't think she's toying with him. She seems to be giving him the Liz treatment. The first time was interrupted, so she was unable to complete the entrancement. She may successfully turn him into a vegetable this time since there's no-one around to break her concentration. I'll bet he regrets not putting out the fire in her hearth now.

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