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Episode 187 - 3/14/67

In the main house, Carolyn wanders around, not finding anyone. Vicki and Burke come in, Burke carrying David. Carolyn asks what happened, and Vicki asks Burke to take David upstairs. Once they're gone, Vicki tells Carolyn that Dr. Guthrie is dead. Carolyn is upset by the news. She asks what caused the crash. Vicki says they don't really know, but it crashed and burst into flames. Guthrie was burnt to death. Carolyn points out it's another death by fire, and Vicki says it's too much of a coincidence. Carolyn says Laura has got to be stopped. Vicki tells Carolyn they went ahead with the seance, and David Radcliffe spoke through David.

Burke comes down and tells Vicki that David asked for her. She heads upstairs, and Carolyn offers Burke a drink. She asks how he got involved tonight, and he says he was at The Blue Whale with Joe when the news of Guthrie's accident came in. Burke says he can't believe Laura is capable of all the things that have been going on, but he's also concerned about what she is capable of. He says he thinks it's time they did something about her.

Vicki brings David an extra blanket. He says he feels funny and tired. He asks her what happened to him at the seance. She tries to convince him that he fell asleep and was dreaming. He says he wants his mother. He wants to see her now. He tells Vicki he wants to be with his mother all the time. He tells her he doesn't like living in Collinwood any more. He's going to ask his mother to take him away.

Carolyn says everyone thinks they should do something with Laura, but no one has any ideas. She says that if Burke isn't on her side, Laura is all alone.

Roger arrives home, and before Carolyn can tell him about Guthrie, he says he's already heard. Roger thanks Burke for helping David. He says Joe filled him in. Burke tells Roger that Laura got to Guthrie. Roger asks if he thinks she had something to do with it, and Burke says he does, just like he thinks she put Liz into the hospital. Roger wonders which of them will be her next target. Burke says it rests in their hands. He tells Roger that they have to put their vendetta aside to deal with Laura. Vicki comes downstairs, and Roger asks why he was excluded from the seance. Vicki said he only wanted those to whom Josette had appeared to be involved. Burke says Laura has to be thrown out. Burke offers to take David on a fishing trip so the others can deal with Laura. Roger tells Burke to join him upstairs to meet with David.

Roger and Burke come in to David's room. Burke asks David if he has plans tomorrow. He says he wants to tell his mother that he wants to go away with her. Burke says he thinks that's good news, but he's disappointed that it means they can't go on their fishing trip. He was planning to go tomorrow morning. Roger says Burke asked him and he gave his permission. Burke tells him about the fishing lodge, and how they'd have to fly in on a seaplane. David says he has to see his mother tomorrow. Burke asks if he can put it off by a day. David says no. Burke continues to talk about the fishing trip. He prods David to go along with him, and David ultimately agrees. Burke says he'll be by first thing in the morning.

Vicki reviews the account of Laura Murdoch's death when Roger and Burke come downstairs. Vicki points out that the date of the death of Laura Murdoch Radcliffe was tonight, and it means something is going to happen to David tonight!

Our thoughts

John: It drives me crazy when none of the characters can put together the pieces that we all can see. They can't make sense of what David said at the seance. Really?

Christine: Yes, well, that's a soap opera for you. It is maddening.

John: And I thought Burke and Joe working together was interesting. Who would have ever thought that Burke and Roger might cooperate with one another!

Christine: It surely should have raised David's suspicions when his father told him that he gave Burke permission to take him fishing.

John: Is it very late in the day on the anniversary of Laura Murdoch Radcliffe's death? Or very early in the morning? Because that will make a big difference if there are mere hours remaining in the phoenix's life...

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