Friday, February 3, 2017

Episode 160 - 2/3/67

Carolyn tries unsuccessfully to get her mother to speak to her. Vicki tells Carolyn that if her mother knew how sick she was, she would have consented to being moved. Carolyn reiterates that her mother wouldn't want to leave the house. Vicki tells her that Frank called a doctor to come see Liz. Vicki goes downstairs and Roger comes in to check on his sister. Roger tries to convince Carolyn her mother should be in the hospital, and Carolyn is adamant that she'll be treated in the house. Roger says he's going to check with Garner to see how much control Carolyn has, and she suggests that he do just that.

Dr. Guthrie arrives at Collinwood. He tells Vicki that Frank suggested that they speak privately before he checks in on the patient. He tells her that he investigates the supernatural. He says they often can't explain that which they research. She asks him if he's ever seen a ghost. He says no, but he's found enough evidence to believe they exist. He asks to see Liz, and Vicki brings him upstairs. They run into Roger on the stairs. He tells Guthrie he welcomes an outside opinion, and hopes if he can't find out what's wrong, will recommend to his niece that they send Liz to the hospital.

Vicki brings Dr. Guthrie into Liz's room. He introduces himself to Carolyn, and he says he's here to see if her condition may be psychosomatic. He examines Liz, and then talks to Carolyn and Vicki. Vicki describes the lapse of time Liz experienced. He says she may have had an emotional experience that resulted in a delayed reaction. He asks Vicki to close the curtains, and speaks to Liz. He claps in front of her face, but still gets no response. He shines a light in her eyes, and then tells Carolyn that Liz is in a trance—a state of suspended animation. He tells her it could have been brought on by hypnosis. He says they need to get her out of the house. Carolyn explains that's not possible. He says her condition may be permanent, and that they need to get her out of the house. Carolyn gives her permission to move Liz. Vicki goes to make arrangements, and Guthrie tells her not to share the information with anyone. He also says he wants to stay in Collinwood and meet everyone, as he thinks he can be of help. 

Our thoughts

John: Carolyn says she just wants to see her mother blink, which the viewing audience sees in the opening shot of Liz.

Christine: I only noticed because you made me go back and look. I am amazed that she didn't blink when Dr. Guthrie clapped and shined the light in her eyes. For all the flubs that occur on this show, it's pretty impressive she didn't burst out laughing just by having Dr. Guthrie poking on her fingertips. Joan Bennett is a masterful actress!

John: It's weird to see Liz sitting in bed while others have lengthy conversations around her. She's almost becoming a set decoration.

Christine: After 18 years, Liz is leaving Collinwood. I wonder how her absence might affect Carolyn and Roger's relationship, and if he'll accept or challenge the teen's authority at Collinwood. He first told her she was stubborn like her mother and then repeats his assertion from Episode 158 that she is becoming more like him every day. It will be fun to see these two lock horns, if it should come to that.

John: So this Dr. Guthrie is an interesting character. He might come in handy around Collinwood in the days and weeks ahead. It will be interesting to see if he sticks around.

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