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Episode 178 - 3/1/67

Joe has a dumbfounded look on his face. Joe says he's not a body snatcher and grave robbing is not his game. Guthrie says he's not interested in snatching the body or robbing the grave. He just needs to see the remains of Laura Murdoch Stockbridge, who died in 1767. Guthrie describes how several Laura Murdoch's died 100 years apart—all by fire. Guthrie says he's asked Frank Garner to draw up papers to allow them to open the crypt, but he thinks there will be a lot of red tape. Joe doesn't think it's right, but agrees to help Guthrie open the grave.

Laura stares out the cottage window. She turns her attention back inside, sitting by the fire, when someone knocks at her door. She lets Roger in, and he asks if she has anything to drink. She offers tea, but he dismisses that as a mere liquid. Laura asks him for an update, and says time is running out. Roger says she can take David now. She says he must come of his own free will. She then asks what Roger thinks of Dr. Guthrie. She asks if he even knows he's a parapsychologist. Roger flips out that he's the only one who didn't know. Roger asks her about the body in Phoenix disappearing, and what happened to Liz. Laura gets defensive, and Roger tells her that she had better not be hiding information from him. She turns on her charm voice and says there's nothing.

Guthrie tells Joe that he wants to go to the crypt in the next few hours. Carolyn asks about the caretaker, and Guthrie says he's already looked into that. He lives in a separate space, and rarely does rounds. Joe says he'll go home to gather up tools, and Guthrie agrees to pick him up later.

As Joe is leaving, Roger arrives and demands to speak to Guthrie and Carolyn. He pours himself a drink and calls out Guthrie as a parapsychologist. Roger asks what he's found, and Guthrie says he'll tell him soon enough. He points out that it all relates to Laura. Roger orders Guthrie to leave the house, and he does. He tells Carolyn he doesn't ever want Guthrie in the house again. Roger and Carolyn argue. She says she's only concerned about her mother, and Roger says she's also fine if it points fingers at Laura. She asks if he'd admit he was wrong if Guthrie could prove his claims. He says he would, if he proved it to his satisfaction. Roger admits that there might be something in what Guthrie's doing.

Joe and Guthrie approach the crypt, but find the door is locked. Guthrie knocks several times. He then throws his body at the door. Joe says he didn't agree to breaking and entering, but goes along with it when the door mysteriously opens.

Our thoughts

John:  Carolyn's legs make a guest appearance in today's slate shot.

Christine: I like how Guthrie, Joe and Carolyn all stand around the lamp for a spooky lighting effect. I can't believe Joe agreed to go along with it, but apparently Carolyn still holds sway. Maggie had better sharpen her claws.

John: Guthrie thinks there might be some red tape to get approvals to open a crypt to find proof that Laura Collins is a phoenix reborn every 100 years. Can anyone else believe he'd actually try and put the paperwork in motion.

Christine: Once Joe is finally okay with grave robbing, he decides that breaking and entering is a no-no, and then immediately does an about face on that too.

John: I love Roger's statement that tea isn't a drink, it's a liquid. I was also surprised that even after sitting in on the seance, he's completely unaware that Guthrie was a parapsychologist.

Christine: Poor Roger. It was difficult enough to have to accept Carolyn as mistress of Collinwood, but intolerable for him to find out that everyone knew Guthrie was a parapsychologist but him.

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