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Episode 185 - 3/10/67

On his knees before the fireplace, Dr. Guthrie begs for David to save him. David calls for Vicki, and Guthrie grabs David and holds on to him. We see Laura withdraw, and Guthrie is back to normal. Guthrie looks into the fire and says, "You didn't get me, why?" Guthrie tells David that he saved him; that he is the key.

Vicki comes in and Guthrie sends David upstairs to get ready. He thanks David for saving him, and David says he came in because Josette was on the stairs and sent him in. Guthrie tells David to thank her for him the next time he sees her. He tells Vicki that he threatened Laura, and when he got back, she attacked him. He tells her that David is the key. He said that as soon as David touched him, her spell was broken.

Vicki tells David to wait in the foyer for her before they head out. She goes to tell Mrs. Johnson something, and the front door swings open and Laura enters. She tells David that she's missed him, and he says he's missed her, too. She invites him to spend the night at the cottage tonight. He said that he can't, because they're going somewhere. She asks where, and he says with Vicki and Dr. Guthrie, but he doesn't know where. He explains what happened earlier, how Josette led him to saving Dr. Guthrie. Laura suggests they leave now, but Vicki arrives in time to stop them. Vicki explains that they've got a surprise planned for tonight, and it can't be put off to another night. Laura tells Vicki that she'd prefer David go with her tonight. As they leave, Vicki tells Laura that soon they may know all there is to know, and in the mean time, Laura knows exactly where things stand.

Mrs. Johnson finds Laura in the foyer, and says that she doesn't like what's been happening since Mrs. Stoddard fell ill. She says she doesn't like the whispering and sneaking around. She says she knows they took the table and chairs to the old house. She thinks they're going to have another seance, and that they're going to involve David with it. With this information, Laura leaves the main house.

Vicki and David arrive at the old house, much to his surprise and excitement. They find the table and chairs setup. She tells David that Dr. Guthrie and Sam Evans are coming, too, and they're planning to hold another seance. David is thrilled. Vicki warns him that what he hears that night may not be very pleasant.

Laura returns to her cottage, and takes up residence by the fire.

Dr. Guthrie gets in his car and heads back towards Collinwood.

Laura has wide eyes as she stares into the fire.

David offers to build a fire in the fireplace while they wait. Sam Evans arrives, and admires the setup for the seance. He says he's come to find out if Josette was responsible for his painting the paintings of Laura in the fire.

As Guthrie drives, Laura's eyes are superimposed over him.

David shows Sam the beautiful portrait of Josette Collins. Sam admires it, and how it hasn't appeared to age.

A bright light shines into his windshield, and Guthrie complains about drivers driving with high beams. We see fire superimposed over Guthrie, and he recognizes the brightness resembles fire.

Sam notes that the portrait is of the woman they expect to join them during the seance.

Laura's eyes remain wide as Guthrie drives with his hand in front of his face. He says he needs to stop the car, but he can't control it as it moves faster, crashing into a tree.

Laura smiles in front of the fireplace.

Our thoughts

John: Good thing David didn't yell, "Stranger Danger!" when Guthrie grabbed him.

Christine: Way to go, Mrs. Blabbermouth Johnson! You may have just killed Dr. Guthrie.

John: Shouldn't Sam have recognized Maggie in the portrait of Josette?

Christine: Not yet. Vicki is setting up for the seance like she's an old pro. It seems she's gotten over her fear of being used as a medium by Josette.

John: Looks like Guthrie's car accident was in the exact same spot as Roger's after David had sabotaged his car. Have we seen the last of the good doctor? Or has Laura rid herself of the meddling parapsychologist once and for all?

Christine: The car is burning. It doesn't look good for Dr. Guthrie. Apparently, the phoenix can also control vehicles. It was helpful that Dr. Guthrie narrated his predicament so we could understand why he didn't just pull over, and would know that his brakes had failed and the car was accelerating. Where was Josette when we needed her?

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