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Episode 177 - 2/28/67

Carolyn comes downstairs to find Dr. Guthrie in the drawing room. He tells her something very important has happened. He says he experienced something much like her mother did. He explains that he had just paid a call on Laura Collins. Carolyn says that she knew Laura was responsible. Guthrie reviews his notes with Carolyn, reviewing Laura's ancestors who died by fire every 100 years. Guthrie asks Carolyn if she knows the legend of the phoenix. He goes on to explain how Laura could be a phoenix, reborn of fire every 100 years. He says he needs help to get the proof they're looking for, and Carolyn volunteers Joe.

Joe courts Maggie at the diner, telling her that he loves her.  She talks about how her father prevents her from making any plans to change her life. She says she doesn't want him to set himself on fire again. Joe says that could be related to what's going on at Collinwood. Maggie starts to talk about her father's history with Collinwood, suggesting he began drinking after some business involving Roger Collins, as Carolyn walks in. She asks Maggie if she can borrow Joe, and Maggie says as long as she gives him back.

Joe joins Carolyn at a table. She asks if he's willing to help her mother. He asks her to keep her request in strictest confidence. She explains that Dr. Guthrie is a parapsychologist; he deals with psychic phenomenon. She says her mother has been put into a trance, Joe finds the claim hard to swallow. She asks him to give Guthrie a chance. Joe agrees to come by the house later tonight.

Carolyn leaves, and Maggie asks what the discussion was all about. He says he promised Carolyn he wouldn't discuss it with anyone. He kisses her, and says he can't take her to a movie tonight. He tells her that she's his girl, but that he has to go up to Collinwood.

Guthrie sits by the fireplace when Carolyn brings in coffee. She says Joe has agreed to help. Guthrie says he hopes he doesn't change his mind when he finds out what he wants him to do. There's a knock at the door, and Carolyn lets Joe in. She introduces him to Dr. Guthrie. The doctor asks Joe what he feels about reincarnation. Joe says he doesn't really believe in it. Guthrie tells Joe he wants him to help him open a grave.

Our thoughts

John: So Guthrie has made the phoenix connection, even pointing out the fact that the body of Laura Collins turned up in Phoenix. What he hasn't explained, and it's not clear that he knows how, is just how one deals with a phoenix.

Christine: That would be the logical next step, once he confirms his theory. It might occur to him to extinguish her beloved fire in the cottage after hearing David recount how she'd been staring into it when he fell under her spell.

John: So now it's Maggie's turn to be jealous. I hope for Joe's sake, it's not as bad as it was with Carolyn.

Christine: Maggie says she's not going to give him up without a fight. I wonder if we can expect a little tug of war over Joe Haskell.

John: Looks like we might have grave robbers in Collinwood before the week is out!

Christine: It's hard to believe good ol' Joe would be willing to participate in anything not "strictly legal."

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