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Dark Shadows Episode 894/895 - 12/1/69

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Megan says someone must have taken the book. She says that whoever took it must pay for it with their life. She then asks what made her say that. She says that everything is different now that they serve 'him.' Philip agrees that they will track down and kill whoever took the book. Megan looks upstairs and says she can feel him calling her. Philip sends her upstairs. He picks up the box and hears Megan scream. She runs downstairs with the baby and says he's burning up. She says they must see a doctor, and Philip tells her they must find the book.

David brings a large box into the drawing room. He opens it and takes out the book. He flips through the book.

Carolyn comes downstairs and finds the drawing room locked. The phone rings and it's Megan. She asks if she saw an old book, and Carolyn confirms that she knows the one Megan is referring to. Megan asks her who else was in the shop. Carolyn asks if the person would need to be an expert on it to know its value. Carolyn tells her that she may be able to get her hands on it soon. She hangs up and calls to David in the drawing room. He opens the door and asks her what's the matter. She asks him why the door was locked. He denies that it was. She interrogates him about his visit to the antique store, and the very old, valuable book. She asks what he's hiding, and as he denies it, Barnabas enters.

Carolyn says David is lying to her. She notices him hiding something behind the drapes. He says it's Amy's puzzle. Barnabas says it looks like a difficult puzzle, and opens the box. It appears that there are a lot of pieces missing.

Carolyn asks him about the book, and he denies having taken it, because it wasn't even in English. This catches Barnabas' attention. David denies taking it. Barnabas asks who else was in the shop. David points out that Mr. Prescott was in the store, too. Barnabas asks who that is, and David says that's Carolyn's new boyfriend.

Barnabas arrives at the antique shop and asks about the baby Megan is tending to. She says it's her sister's baby. She says he's running a high fever. He says she needs help looking after the child properly. Barnabas tells Philip he has decided to sell him the chair he was interested in, and he must come with him now. Barnabas brings up the time of the Leviathan people. Philip says he's ready to go, and the two leave.

David is about to remove the book from a desk when Elizabeth walks in on him. He asks if Carolyn said he had stolen a book. Elizabeth says she just said that he's not sharing everything he knows. David says he remembers seeing Carolyn outside kissing a man who he later saw in the store. He was an older man with gray hair. Carolyn comes downstairs and asks if Maggie can take curtains from storage for use in the cottage. David saunters out of the room. Elizabeth asks her about the man who David saw outside the house, and later saw her with at the antique store. She says it doesn't sound like they have much in common. Carolyn says they do have a great deal in common.

Barnabas brings a chair downstairs at the old house, and Philip says it's beautiful. Barnabas asks him how long he'll have it, pointing out that sometimes people lose things that that they don't take care of, to their everlasting regret. He asks if that has ever happened, and Philip says it has. Barnabas tells him that before he returns to the antique store, there's something else he wants him to see.

Barnabas shows Philip the altar in the woods. He explains that only them and their people can see it. He says it is where they will make the sacrifice. Barnabas lights two candles and sets them on the altar.

He calls Philip to him. He tells him he knows why he is there. Philip says because he has failed, and he must be punished. Barnabas says that in time, he will find out how he is to be punished.

Megan is sitting with the baby when Carolyn arrives. She asks what the doctor says and Megan says she hasn't called one. She tells Carolyn to stay with the baby, and says she has to do something. Carolyn picks up the baby and goes to take him upstairs. Megan stops her, and tells her not to bring him to his room.

Megan arrives at the old house and Barnabas asks her about the baby. She says he's no better, and then asks about Philip, who never returned last night. Barnabas says he was only with him for a few minutes, and says that he will be back when it is time for him to get back.

 Barnabas comes back into the old house and asks Philip if he understands what must happen now.

Megan returns to the antique store and tells Carolyn that someone is coming to kill her. Carolyn tries to talk sense into her, but Megan runs upstairs. The door opens, and Carolyn turns to see someone enter the store.

Our thoughts

John: Once again, despite basically being caught in a lie, David manages to avoid punishment without even turning over the stolen book.

Christine: I was surprised Leviathan Barnabas wasn't more on top of that. It is nice to have devilish David back to torment his cousin by telling her mom that she's kissing an old man on the front porch.

John: Why hasn't Barnabas specifically accused Philip of losing the book? They talk around the issue, and Barnabas appears ready to dole out his punishment... whatever punishment that might be...

Christine: I'm confused by this punishment that seemed to start with candles on the altar and then ended up in the drawing room at the Old House.

John: Isn't it about time for someone to call Child Protective Services? Megan and Philip don't seem to have a clue what they're doing. 

Christine: The fact that they are not seeking medical care or attempting any remedy for an infant with a high fever would certainly indicate that they are neglectful parents. How did these two get to be the Leviathan's Chosen Ones? Was it simply because they are the only couple on the show?

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