Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Episode 193 - 3/22/67

There's a knock at the door of the Evans' place. Maggie answers the door to Joe. She asks what happened and he asks her to just let him sit down. She sees him covered in soot, and asks if there was a fire. She asks him if something happened to David. He says Vicki saved David from the fire in the old fishing shack. Sam comes out, and Maggie tells him that David almost died in a fire. Joe explains that Laura came back. He says that there was no sign that Laura got out, but there were no remains in the ashes. He says that Vicki saw her vanish in the flames. Sam says that she really wasn't human. Maggie says she remembers when she first returned to Collinwood. She says she told her the story of the Phoenix. Joe suggests that Laura Murdoch Radcliffe, Stockbridge, and Collins were the same person. Sam says it's impossible, but very likely the truth.

The next morning, Sam is finally bandage free. There's a knock at his door, and it's Mrs. Portia Fitzsimmons. She's disappointed he doesn't recognize the name. He says he does recognize her name, and says he didn't expect her. She starts asking about paintings. She tells him business is about to pick up. She brings up his paintings from 10 years ago. She says she picked up two of his paintings that are going to be in fashion again. She wants paintings from that period, and says she's willing to buy back paintings from the same period.

Joe and Maggie hang out at The Blue Whale. Joe tells Maggie that Liz is feeling better. A stranger interrupts him to confirm that Joe was referring to Mrs. Stoddard. He asks Joe if Liz has been ill, that she's better now. Joe confirmed that she's better. Maggie asks the stranger if he knows her father, but he doesn't recognize it. He introduces himself as Jason McGuire. He asks if Mrs. Stoddard is receiving folks, and Maggie says she's been in a hospital. He asks if she's familiar with a scandal Liz was involved with, and she just points out that she's a recluse, and hadn't left the house in 18 years.

Sam visits Roger at Collinwood. Roger tells him he wants him to leave. Sam says he will, but he wants the paintings he sold him 10 years ago. Roger says they're his, and he has neither the time, the energy nor the inclination to look for them, if they haven't been destroyed. Roger reminds Sam he paid a tidy sum—$15,000 for them. Sam says the money was because he saw Roger behind the wheel of a car. Sam says he'll do almost anything to get the paintings. Roger asks why they're suddenly so precious. Roger says he might sell them to him if he can find them. Sam threatens to go to Burke Devlin. Sam offers to pay Roger back the $15,000. Roger says that must mean they're worth something, and offers to sell them for $50,000. Sam says he'll give him 48 hours, and then he'll go to Burke Devlin saying Roger killed a man and framed Burke.

Our thoughts

John: Is it just me, or did Portia seem to have arrived in the wrong show? She's unlike any other character we've seen, ghosts and Phoenix' included. Of course, they just needed a reason to bring the story back around to the paintings Roger bought from Sam after the accident 10 years ago. Sadly, trying to suggest that Sam's art—specifically his art from precisely 10 years ago—would suddenly be worth something to someone, is a bit of a stretch.

Christine: She is trying to be the eccentric, over-the-top art curator. I like how she determines the year his portraits were painted based on what she knows of his work a decade prior. This is actress Lovelady Powell's only appearance as Portia. She went on to appear in The Happy Hooker in 1975.

John: Despite the awkward way they went about it, it is neat that we're getting back to the events of 10 years ago again.

Christine: Yes, and hopefully a resolution to that storyline as well.

John: I'm also pleased that we've reached the introduction of Jason McGuire. He's a character that I remember fondly from the early Barnabas episodes I had watched previously. Willie Loomis can't be far behind!

Christine: Ah, Jason McGuire! Trouble is coming to Collinwood, with no respite for its inhabitants.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Episode 192 - 3/21/67

Vicki tells David he's all right as they look back at the burning fishing shack. She tells him not to look at it. Burke finds them. He asks if Laura's still in there. Vicki explains that she disappeared, and then tells David they're going home.

Liz tells Carolyn she needs to go home. Carolyn asks her to rest. Liz says she visited Laura at the cottage. She remembers getting out of bed, and someone being in her room. It was a shrouded form. She thought it might have been Carolyn or Vicki, and Carolyn asks if it was Laura. She says it was, but in some other form. She tried to resist her, but didn't have the strength. Carolyn tells her mother that Laura has left Collinwood, and will never come back. Liz asks if she left with David, and Carolyn tells her David did not go with her. She asks if Dr. Guthrie examined the house. Carolyn said yes. She asks about the old house, and then the closed off portion of the house, and then the basement. Carolyn doesn't understand why she's asking. Liz says she needs to go home tonight to see that David's alright.

Vicki puts David to bed, and tells her to call if he needs anything. He asks her if the fishing shack burnt down, because all of his fishing gear was in there. He wonders how the fire started. He then asks if his mother is gone, and why he didn't go with her. She says he decided to stay in Collinwood. He asks if his mother was mad that he didn't go with her, and she says no, she wanted him to be where he was happy. He tells her he's glad he stayed.

Burke asks if David remembers anything, and Vicki says she hopes things stay erased from his mind. Roger comes home and asks what's going on. He heard there was a fire. Vicki tells him it was the fishing shack, and tells Burke she'd like to talk to Roger alone. She says it's Laura, and Roger asks if she's back. He appears frightened, and Vicki explains she was in the shack when it burned. He said he put her on the bus and saw her leave. Vicki explains she was there. He asks if she could have helped Laura, and Vicki says no one could have. She said that a fire was what she wanted, and that she got David out just in time. Roger reacts strongly to that. He says that Laura wanted to burn David, and asks if she saved him. Vicki says he's upstairs asleep, having forgotten everything that happened. Roger says he should have stayed with him, and heads upstairs. The phone rings, and Carolyn shares the news that her mother is better.

Carolyn says she doesn't know why, and Vicki says she thinks she does. She explains that Laura Collins burned to death, but David is alright. Carolyn asks Vicki if they can stop being afraid, and Vicki says she hopes so. Liz says she's got to get home to Collinwood.

Roger checks in on David, who wakes up. He asks his father if he heard about the fishing shack. Roger tells him to get some sleep. David says he lost his fishing junk, including a pole Matthew helped him make. Roger tells him not to worry about anything.

Burke returns to the house saying Joe was monitoring the burning shack. Vicki asks if there were any remains, and Burke says just ash. Vicki reminds him of the Phoenix story. He dismisses that as a tale she told a child, and says that Joe found a locket in the ashes. Vicki tells him that it's the same locket that was found in the remains of the woman in Phoenix. Burke seems unwilling to believe it.

Our thoughts

John: I wonder if the plan ever actually involved putting out the fire in the cottage fireplace as a means of stopping Laura. Of course, if she had the lantern with her, she didn't need (nor would it have made sense for there to be) a fire burning in the cottage after she had already left.

Christine: I was disappointed that it didn't occur to the parapsychologist to douse it, since he realized it was a source of power for her. Unfortunately, it led to his doom. It may not have stopped her, but it surely would have weakened her.

John: Roger almost takes advantage of a bonding moment with David, but can't bring himself to say he was checking to see that his son was okay.

Christine: It may take time to warm the cold heart of Roger Collins. It seemed he was about to say he loved the little guy, but just couldn't get the unfamiliar words out. David seems devoid of the demonic presence that may have possessed him when he was trying to murder his father and Vicki Winters. He was all sweetness and light today. Back in Episode 15, he watched as his father drove off in the car he tampered with, saying, "He's going to die, mother." Could she have been controlling him from the beginning?

John: Has Burke forgotten the events of the past few weeks? Vicki is clear that Laura was in fact the Phoenix. What other explanation could there be for all of the strange phenomenon that they all experienced?

The countdown to the arrival of Barnabas has begun! 

In just 18 episodes, he will be awakened...

Monday, March 20, 2017

Episode 191 - 3/20/67

Fire surrounds David. His mother tells him there's nothing to be afraid of.

Vicki is getting messages from Josette.

David is worried that the fire is spreading and she tells him not to worry.  She tells him to stare deeply into the flames. She says the fire wants to embrace him, like she does. She tells him that fire gives eternal life.

Vicki asks Josette about the fire. And the house by the sea. She determines it's the fishing shack.

Carolyn visits her mother, who remains non-responsive. The doctor explains there's no brain damage, and Liz' condition hasn't deteriorated, so they just need to be patient. He tells her that perhaps there will be a change tomorrow. He leaves, and Liz opens her eyes. Carolyn asks her to speak to her, and then gets the doctor. He says he thinks she's coming out of it. He blinds her with a bright light, and is pleased with this turn of events. she's moving but not speaking. Carolyn suggests that something is frightening her.

Laura tells David it's almost time for him to come to her. She asks him if he's afraid of death, and he says he doesn't know. She says once she puts her arms around him, nothing can hurt her. She asks him to tell her the legend of the Phoenix. He says he's very hot, and she says the legend will show him that death is not to be feared. He recites the legend, and she tells him to come closer. Vicki arrives and pounds at the door, calling for David to open it. She can see the fire inside and tells David to get out. Laura says the fire will consume her and David. That's why she's there David resumes the legend. Vicki screams at him from just outside the window where he stands. She calls her Mrs. Collins, and Laura clarifies she's Laura Murdoch. She tells Vicki that David can't hear her. Laura says she's going to give David eternal life, and tells Vicki to go away.

Liz tosses in her hospital bed. She struggles to say David, and bolts up screaming his name, and "fire."

Vicki tells David not to finish the story of the Phoenix. She reaches for him through the window.

Liz says she can see David surrounded by fire. Carolyn doesn't know what to do. Liz continues to call David's name.

David seems to hear his aunt, and then pauses before resuming the Phoenix legend. Vicki calls to David.

Liz calls to David from her hospital bed.

Laura tells David it's time to go, and asks him to come to her. Vicki calls for David to come to her. Laura tells him to come before it's too late. The building starts to collapse. Vicki tells him not to listen to her, and asks him to come to her. Laura pleads with him to join her. Vicki tells him not to move, and Laura says it's too late, screaming the Phoenix is reborn before disappearing. David opens the door and runs into Vicki's arms.

Our thoughts

John: Really, Vicki? Is it that hard to come up with the fishing shack as the location by the sea? If I were Josette, I'd be pretty frustrated.

Christine: They really stretched this episode to the limit.

John: Liz is back, sooner than I was expecting. I thought Laura would have to be reborn before the spell would wear off. Of course, did David hear Liz because she's got some sort of supernatural gift, too?

Christine: I think he heard Liz because she screamed loud enough for him to hear her all the way from her hospital bed. It's good to have Liz back. We last saw her in Episode 160.

John: The long awaited conclusion of the Phoenix saga finally arrived. It basically came down to a three-way shouting match between Vicki, Laura and Liz. Where the hell were Burke and Joe with all the screaming going on... not to mention the fire.

Christine: Maybe they thought it was the wailing widows. Some help they were! It was a fantastic conclusion, but not without its minor endearing imperfections.

Diana Millay checks the teleprompter to make sure she doesn't have more to say than, "Embrace me, David."

David Henesy checks the teleprompter to remember the rest of the phoenix legend.

Whoops! Someone had the flames going the wrong way. Still, it makes for a creepy effect.

The scream of the phoenix set the standard for Dark Shadows' screams to come.
The phoenix is reborn!

I am phoenix, the great and powerful!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Episode 190 - 3/17/67

Mrs. Johnson runs downstairs, calling for David. She's unable to find him anywhere.

Vicki waits on the phone at The Blue Whale. She tells Burke and Joe that she hears Mrs. Johnson calling for David. She says that she never should have left him alone.

Mrs. Johnson goes out on the porch and calls for him. She picks up the phone and tells Vicki he's gone.

Back in The Blue Whale, the handset of the payphone swings like a pendulum.

Vicki and the men arrive at the house and Mrs. Johnson says that she's searched the whole house with no sign of David. Mrs. Johnson says that he does like to play tricks on her, so perhaps he's hiding in the house. She asks if they think Laura took him; she says she couldn't have gotten in to the house. Joe suggests that maybe he planned to meet her. They head out to search the cottage.

David arrives at the boat house, looking for his mother.

Burke and Joe explore the cottage. There's a fire burning in the fireplace, and Burke suggests that the fire wouldn't be burning if Laura wasn't keeping it going. Burke suggests Joe check the greenhouse while he checks the old house.

Vicki decides to phone the bus station to see if they can determine if Laura got off the bus.

Joe calls for David in the woods. Burke finds him and tells him that David's not in the old house. They decide to go to the beach, and then Burke realizes the old fishing shack matches the description of what David said in the seance.

David wanders around the fishing shack waiting for his mother when he hears Burke and Joe calling for him. He hides as they enter. They look around and decide he's not there. Joe thinks he heard something. Burke says it's 11:30, and Joe confirms they only have a half hour left to find him.

Vicki paces through the drawing room. She and Mrs. Johnson are startled when the phone rings. It's the bus station. Laura got on the bus, but never got off. She disappeared between stops.

David calls for his mother to come. She appears behind him, holding a lantern in her hands. He tells her he wants to leave, and she says she doesn't want to run across those looking for him, so they can go in just a few more minutes. She asks if he wants to go away with her, and he says that's why he's here. She says they'll be together always. David says there's no one outside, and they can go. She gives him the lantern to hold, and tells him to look into the flame. He says he sees beautiful colors. He slips into a trance as she tells him to stare deep into the heart of the flame.

Mrs. Johnson goes to make coffee, and Vicki smells Jasmine. She asks Josette what she wants her to see. She says she wants to remember something David says. The little house by the sea is what she wants her to remember.

Laura tells David he'll never be cold again. David says he's sleepy. He asks her to take the lantern. He drops it and a fire starts. Laura tells him to look at the flames and see how beautiful they are. She says he's safe with her.

Vicki says fire... in a little house by the sea. She asks what house. Burke would have found it if it were Laura's cottage. She realizes the fishing shack is where he is.

Laura tells David to stare into her eyes. Surrounded by flames, she tells him to come to her, and they'll be together forever.

Our thoughts

John: Time is running out for David. Do you think he wondered what Joe meant when he said they only had 30 minutes to save him.

Christine: Actually he said they "only have a half hour left to find him," so he may have been thinking they only had 30 minutes to ship him off to that boarding school his mom said they were sending him to.

John: Thankfully Mrs. Johnson left just in time. Josette is apparently too bashful to show up in a crowd, even if someone's life is at stake.

Christine: You think she may have put some effort into materializing and leading her there, rather than making her play 20 ghost questions.

John: Flames have overtaken the fishing cottage. Will Vicki arrive in time to save David from a fiery fate?

Christine: If not, then he should be reborn and we'll see him in later episodes anyway, right? I'm still not understanding how this phoenix reincarnation works. Why is Laura going up in flames again if she just burned up in Phoenix? Also, if David Radcliffe burned in 1867, then what happened to phoenix David? Or is he not really a phoenix and she keeps killing her own kid every hundred years? That's pretty sick.

John: We get a classic flub from Burke this episode. He tells Joe they should stick together, and then corrects himself that they can't stick together.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Episode 189 - 3/16/67

Dawn arrives with Vicki watching over David as he sleeps. Mrs. Johnson offers to bring breakfast up to David's room, and starts to mention that Mr. Collins left with Mrs. Collins. Vicki tries to stop her, but David realizes, and appears to already know, that his mother has gone.

Burke stops by the diner for coffee. He mentions that the bus for Boston has left. Maggie is relieved. Joe arrives, and he also feels that something's not right. Burke heads out to take David fishing. Maggie tells Joe that she told her Dad that Laura was leaving this morning, and he slept really well last night. Joe says he was up until three o'clock last night... three o'clock this morning. He says they're the same thing, and then runs out telling Maggie he has to check on something.

David tells Burke he doesn't want to go fishing. Vicki says she'd feel better if he stays with her. Burke says Vicki needs some rest. David says he could, as long as they're not out too late. Burke says they can't, because they have a date. Vicki protests, but ultimately agrees. David says he's fine staying with Mrs. Johnson while they go to dinner.

At The Blue Whale, Burke and Vicki have dinner. Vicki's concerned, but Burke says he's fine.

Mrs. Johnson tells David to get ready for bed, and he says he's got to finish his studying. He tells her that he remembers that he left a book downstairs. She stops him from leaving the room. He says he has one more problem to do and then he'll go to bed. David then says that he's hungry, but Mrs. Johnson says he didn't clean his plate at dinner, so no snacks. He tries to get her to go get him something, and she's adamant that she won't be leaving the room.

Vicki appears to be enjoying herself with Burke. He points it out, and then she starts thinking about Collinwood. Joe drops in, and brings up the newspaper clipping. He says the reference to 'last night' in the article could have referenced this morning. He researched it, and found the time of death was 2:30 this morning, so today is the anniversary of the deaths. Vicki is troubled, and Burke suggests she call Mrs. Johnson.

The phone rings at Collinwood, and David tells Mrs. Johnson he'll get ready for bed while she answers it. She goes downstairs, leaving him alone in his room.

Downstairs, Mrs. Johnson answers the phone and tells Vicki that she's there with David. She asks if Mrs. Johnson locked the door before leaving. She says she's sure he's still up there, and calls up to him. There's no answer. She goes up to his room, and it's empty. She screams his name, but it's clear he's gone.

Our thoughts

John: Who was manning the superimposition of the title during today's opening? I assumed that was burned in to the footage of the crashing waves, but the way the title appeared and disappeared throughout today's opening indicates otherwise. Maybe it was Laura's influence...

Christine: That was novel to see it blinking on and off like a Christmas tree light. Surely the work of a supernatural entity.

John: So David got to go fishing, but we're not invited along. One minute he and Burke are heading out, and the next thing you know, Vicki and Burke are at dinner. Do you suppose Joe spent all day running around town trying to find Vicki to share the news (looking everywhere except Collinwood, of course)? Or do you think it took him that long to actually confirm his suspicion of the date of death?

Christine: How many places would Joe have to run to find her? Burke is finally getting to have that steak dinner with Vicki that she owed him from Episode 34. He's very attentive to refilling her wine glass. Did you catch when he called her Maggie by mistake after David leaves the room to get ready for fishing? Alexandra Moltke had to stifle a grin.

John: Mrs. Johnson did a commendable job not falling for any of David's ploys to get rid of her. While I don't think that locking his bedroom door would have prevented his 'escape'—she could have had him join her downstairs while she answered the phone, under the guise of getting him the glass of milk he so desperately wanted. As soon as she left him alone, I think we all knew he was as good as gone.

Christine: If Vicki hadn't called, and they'd just gone to Collinwood to check on him, he would not have made his getaway so easily. Mrs. Johnson made a pretty thorough search for him, checking what must be his usual hiding places.

Under the bed.

Next to the desk.

On the bookshelf?