Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 258 - 6/21/67

In her cell, Maggie calls out for the little girl, who is nowhere to be found. Maggie suddenly hears her singing, and turns to find her in the cell with her. Maggie asks how she got in the cell. She says she came to visit Maggie. She said she heard her crying, and came to see her again. She asks why she was crying. She tells Maggie that a long time ago, there was a lot of crying; her parents, and her older brother. Maggie tells her she won't cry any more. She said she was crying because she was frightened and lonely, but she won't be anymore. Maggie asks how she got in through the locked door. She says she has a way, and asks to hear her music box. Maggie plays it and the girl says she likes it. Maggie offers to give it to her. The girl refuses to take it.

Maggie asked if she told anyone about her, and the girl said she couldn't find anyone she knew. She says they all went away. Maggie asks if she has any friends, and she says she has one, but she doesn't know where he is. She asks if Maggie will be her friend, and play with her. Maggie says yes and they start playing catch. Maggie asks her again how she got in the room, but the girl ignores her, instead asking her to sing with her. The two start singing London Bridge until Maggie tells her they have to be quiet, or the bad people in the house will hear them. She tells the girl she had better go, and asks her to take her with her. Maggie looks out the cell door, and turns around to find the girl has disappeared.

Maggie paces in her cell signing London Bridge when Barnabas comes to see her. He places his hand on her shoulder and she tells him to leave her alone. She says he's going to kill her, and he says she has an opportunity to live for a long, long time. He reiterates that if she rejects him, she'll lose her life. She tells him she's going to get out. He asks how, and she says it's a secret. He tells her that she can escape if she'd like. Maggie says that someone knows she's alive. Barnabas asks who, and she says it's her secret friend who comes to play with her in her cell. Barnabas says, "goodbye, Maggie," and Maggie clings to the fact that he called her Maggie. She continues talking about her special friend, which clearly confuses Barnabas. He leaves her alone in her cell.

Upstairs, Willie tells Barnabas he has to bring Maggie food. Barnabas tells him that she's going out of her mind. He mentions her ramblings of a secret friend. He says Maggie Evans will never fit into his plans, so he must dispose of her. Willie asks if he's going to let her go, and Barnabas says they must kill her. He says she'll be disposed of in a way that cannot be traced. Willie pleads for mercy, and Barnabas says he begged for mercy from those who could have easily given it, but chose not to. Willie says she doesn't deserve to die, and Barnabas grabs him by the neck, telling him that Willie's fate can be the same as hers, and that he will dispose of her tomorrow.

Maggie continues to sing London Bridge, and then gets up and calls out for the little girl again. She says she wants to play. Willie comes downstairs with food and asks who she's talking to. She says it's her secret friend. Maggie starts eating the food he brought. Willie asks her to knock off the secret friend business. He says he's trying to help her. She mentions how her secret friend comes into her cell, and Willie tells her that she can't go crazy. She starts singing and he yells at her to stop.

He leaves, and Maggie finds the girl's doll on the floor, proving that she's real.

Our thoughts

John: Maggie actually touched Sarah, so even as a ghost she's got a physical form.

Christine: Her doll looks like a couple of Popsicle sticks wrapped in cloth.

John: I thought that the London Bridge connection was going to mean something to Barnabas, but he didn't seem surprised to hear Maggie singing it. Of course, by now he thinks she's nuts...

Christine: He gave up on her pretty quickly. She did say she would go mad if he locked her down there. Maybe if he had let her stay in Josette's room she would have started acting more like Josette. At least give the poor girl some shoes to wear. Now he's broken two women. Barnabas has all the wrong moves.

John: Willie's getting frustrated by Maggie, and also fears that she's close to losing her mind.

Christine: Barnabas says she'll be disposed of in a way that can't be traced and that there will be no trace. What does he have in mind?

Goodbye, Maggie.

Barnabas throttles Willie again.


  1. The look on Barnabas's face when he thinks Maggie's going mad is just priceless! All three of the adult cast members are doing stellar work in this episode. Of course, KLS looks fantastic, even when she's (seemingly) ready for the funny farm!

    1. I especially liked when he says goodbye to her after he realizes she's not all there anymore. I agree the cast is humming along. They certainly are a talented group of actors.