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Dark Shadows Episode 246 - 6/5/67

Mr. Garner arrives to see Liz, and she escorts him into the drawing room. Vicki and Carolyn discuss what the visit must be about in the foyer. Carolyn is sure trouble is coming.

Liz asks for legal advice. She asks if she's still legally married to Paul. He says she is, and he agrees it's high time for her to get a divorce. Garner says he can see to it that the divorce is completed within 90 days. He then asks why she's thinking about that after so many years. He asks if she's considering getting married again, when Jason walks in. Jason introduces himself to Richard Garner. He asks if he's here to discuss Liz' divorce, and Liz tells him it's none of his business. Garner leaves, and Jason is happy she's moving forward with the divorce so she can marry him. She protests, and he tells her they're going to get married, and they're going to be very happy.

Roger finds Liz in the drawing room and offers her a drink. He tells her that it was a busy day in the office. Roger helped out with so many secretaries out due to the attacks. He also mentions that Jason was not in, but he also adds that he's about as useful as David. Liz asks if Maggie has been found, and Roger says there's still no clues. Liz tells Roger she's proceeding with a divorce, and he's very pleased. He says she'll be free and clear of the scoundrel if he ever reappears, and she says she doesn't think he will. Roger commiserates with her, saying neither were very successful in marriage. Roger points out that she'd never consider remarrying, and she says she might, if she found the right man.

Roger points out she hasn't seen anyone outside the house in 18 years. He asks if she's hinting at something when Jason enters. He asks for some brandy, and Roger tells him he normally makes himself at home. Jason says he considers himself part of the family, and Roger says that while Liz may see him that way, he does not. Jason implies there may be more to it, but Liz denies as much when Roger presses her.

Carolyn asks Vicki to join her on a trip into town, so she doesn't have to go alone. Vicki agrees to join her. Carolyn wonders if Maggie will ever be found. Roger enters and tells the girls that either Liz has taken a  leave of her senses, or he has. Roger points out she's talking to Garner about a divorce, and that she's also talking about marrying again. Carolyn asks who she could get married to. Roger asks who has insinuated his way into the house and family business. The girls refuse to believe it, and Roger says Jason hinted very strongly that he would be a member of the family very soon. Carolyn doesn't want to believe she would go through with it, no matter what he has over her. She says they need to find out what she has over her, and expose him. Roger thinks it must have something to do with the basement, and Carolyn agrees. She says she's looked everywhere for the key, without any luck. Roger says she didn't find it because her mother wears it around her neck. Carolyn says she'll steal the key or break in, in order to find out what's in that room.

Liz is angry that Jason insinuated they were getting married. Jason asks her about the look on Carolyn's face when she finds out she murdered her father. Carolyn interrupts them and asks for the key to the room in the basement. Liz says she doesn't know where it is, and Carolyn says it's on the chain around her neck. Carolyn tells her mother that she thinks what's in the basement is what Jason has over her. Liz says that it's just things of her father's, and Carolyn refuses to believe her. She says she'll break into the room if she has to, in order to free her from Jason. Liz storms out, and Jason asks why she makes so much trouble for her mother. Jason tells her he thinks she should get into the room in the basement. He tells her he'll get her the key. He tells her to give him a few days. He says her mother is anxious for her to accept him.

Our thoughts

John: Liz accepting an offer for a brandy from Roger is indicative of just how dire things have become in Collinwood.

Christine: Vicki didn't ask about Frank Garner after his dad showed up at the house. It's like the guy never even existed.

John: Though she still denies it, the word is out about Liz considering marrying Jason. I wonder if David will be more accepting of the possibility of having an Uncle Jason...

Christine: This may be the first time the characters have been able to put two and two together. David had better dust off his crystal ball to see if his aunt should tie the knot with Jason.

John: Carolyn throws down the gauntlet about the basement, and right in front of Jason. It doesn't look like Liz is going to keep what's in that room a secret much longer.

Christine: It's about time someone forced the issue. Carolyn is good for something after all. Still, I wonder why Paul Stoddard's moldy bones have been stashed away in the basement instead of being buried out in the woods or tucked away in one of the many rooms in the sealed off portion of the house where nobody ventures.

"A few years in prison is preferable to a lifetime with you." -Liz

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  1. "Carolyn asks Vicky to join her on a trip into town, so she doesn't have to go alone."

    It's easy to belabor this, but Dark Shadows had so many self-reliant female characters before it was all that popular on TV (not unknown, but not that popular). What I mean is, because of the attacks, any other given show would have a male character demanding to go with her, not just asking.
    Of course, I guess Carolyn and Vicky are pretty much a pair of amateur detectives during this period of the show, so it also makes sense for that reason.