Friday, June 16, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 255 - 6/16/67

As Maggie remains locked in her cell, Willie brings Barnabas flowers for Josette's room. Willie asks is Barnabas is going to let Maggie out of her cell, and he tells Willie perhaps, but that he'll kill her if she resists him again.

Joe runs into Sam in The Blue Whale. He asks Sam if he wants to join him in visiting the sheriff. Sam says he's got to go up to Collinwood to see Barnabas about his commission. Neither of them has given up hope that Maggie is still alive.

Willie comes down to see Maggie, who is thrilled to see him. Willie tells her that she's going to get another chance. He's come to bring her up to Josette's room. He encourages her to make Barnabas think he's won, but she doesn't want to be one of the living dead. Willie warns that it will be her last chance.

Barnabas fixes things up in Josette's room when Willie escorts Maggie in. Willie is sent away, and Barnabas asks if she's happy to be back in her room. She says yes, and begs him to let her stay in the room. He tells her Josette was above begging, and she must be like Josette in every way. He notices that she has the music box, and asks her to play it. She does, and says that it makes her happy.

He asks if she's happy because she's in the room, and happy to be with him. She says yes. He gets her to say she'll be happy with him, as his bride through eternity.

He tells her he's waited for her for so long, and that he will make her happy until the end of time. When he goes to kiss her hand, she recoils and upsets Barnabas.

She closes the music box and says she'll always be Maggie Evans. Willie bursts in and says Sam Evans is approaching the house. Barnabas gives him a handkerchief to tie his mouth shut. He tells Willie to bring her into the hall so she can hear his discussion with her father. He also threatens to kill her, and Sam.

Downstairs, Sam brings the completed portrait inside. Barnabas is quite pleased with it. He says he couldn't be happier, and then apologizes for not asking about Maggie.

Sam updates him when Joe comes in to see Sam. He says he's come from the sheriff's office. They found a girl's body on the beach 50 miles north. They haven't positively identified her, but they think it's her. Sam too readily believes it. Barnabas extends his condolences, and Sam and Joe leave.

Barnabas comes back upstairs and asks Maggie if she heard what they said. He says they think she's dead, and no one will come looking for her. He tells her Joe will find someone else, and her father will drown his sorrows in alcohol. He tells her Maggie Evans no longer exists. He tells Willie to take her back to her cell, noting that the sight of her offends him.

Willie returns Maggie to her cell. She pleads with him to stay for a while, but he locks her in. After she's gone, she hears a young girl singing, "London Bridge is Falling Down." Maggie looks outside her cell and sees a girl sitting with a doll, singing.

Our thoughts

John: Maggie appears to have blown her last chance at mending fences with Barnabas. If she only had a chance to spend more time with the nice, gentle Barnabas that hangs out with his cousins up at the main house...

Christine: He told her she had to be more like Josette, who also didn't want to become a vampire. Too bad Maggie doesn't know the story of how she threw herself off the cliff at Widows' Hill so she could use it against him. I guess Barnabas was so irritated with Maggie that he forgot to be mad at Willie for allowing Maggie's ring to fall into David's hands in Episode 253.

John: Wow. No positive ID on the body found on the beach, but Joe and Sam have already given up on Maggie!

Christine: It's like the body of Laura Murdoch Collins in Phoenix all over again. No, wait. It's like the opposite of that.

John: On the bright side, Maggie may have found herself a savior. Unfortunately, she appears to be a creepy kid that likes to sing more than talk. I wonder who she could be?

Christine: I'm surprised you didn't check the credits to find out.


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog the other day. I've also been re-watching Dark Shadows on a "50 years-ago today" schedule and I'd love to comment! First, I've been limiting myself to one-per day, just as it first aired. I've already been thru the entire series a couple of times over the years and even though I know what's coming, I still myself fascinated with the show. The original Barnabas story line is still my favorite and I'm really enjoying these episodes recently. I also had/have a major crush on Kathryn Leigh Scott, so I'm really in seventh heaven with her getting so much face time.

    Keep up the great work and I hope to pop in with my own comments from time-to-time.

  2. Welcome, Paul! We do hope you'll continue to weigh in along the way. These are certainly exciting times in Collinwood!

  3. Another blog Paul Hanley might like (if he doesn't know it already) is "Dark Shadows Every Day."
    Right now it's about one of the pretty late "Parallel Time" periods of the show, but of course the earlier reviews are still there.