Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 249 - 6/8/67

Carolyn tells Roger and Vicki that she's going to get into the room in the basement. Roger asks how. She says in the absence of getting the key from her mother, she'll have to break in. Roger offers to help. We see Jason outside the room, eavesdropping.

Jason tells Liz that Carolyn plans to get into the basement tonight. Liz says she cannot be permitted into that room. Jason says that if she does get in, and finds nothing, it will work better for her. Jason says there's nothing for her to see. He says that after he makes sure there's nothing to see, she can give Carolyn the key. Jason asks for the key, and Liz gives it to him.

Carolyn is headed upstairs when Jason stops her. He says he's working hard to be her friend. He tells her he'd trying to make her mother's life better. He says he's going to get her the key to the room in the basement, just so she can see that he's got nothing over her mother.

Jason makes his way to the basement. He unlocks the door and steps inside. There's not much to see in the room. He examines the stones in the floor, and then checks inside several chests and suitcases. Convinced it's all clear, he closes and locks the door behind him.

Liz is nervous as Jason comes to see her. He says everything is fine. He suggests that rather than giving Carolyn the key, she should escort them in to the room in the basement.

Carolyn tells Roger she doesn't know who to believe. Her mother says her father was a horrible man, and Jason says he loved her. Roger says that Jason is a pathological liar. Vicki says she may have told Carolyn those things to make her comfortable with the idea of a divorce. Roger says she needs to proceed with the divorce in case Paul ever comes back. Liz and Jason enter, and says she wants to clear the air. Carolyn brings up the room in the basement. Liz asks if the answer is going into the room. Carolyn says yes. Liz pulls out the key and offers to open the room downstairs. They all follow her down. Jason tells Carolyn that he is proving his friendship.

Roger turns on a light in the basement, and Liz makes her way to the door. Roger asks if she'd like him to open the door, and she says she'll do it. She unlocks it and they all enter. Liz turns on the light and says their wish has come true. Roger takes a suitcase off of a shelf, and Carolyn opens a chest. They find old clothes. The camera focuses on the floor tiles as they all walk back and forth across them. Carolyn apologizes to her mother. Roger apologizes as well. They go upstairs, leaving Liz and Jason behind. He says that he's demonstrated how he can help her, and suggests that now is the time for them to announce their plans to marry. Liz leaves, and Jason turns out the light.

Roger says that was one of the worst moments of his life. Carolyn says she caused her mother anguish just to see her father's clothes. Liz and Jason enter, and Jason says she has something to tell them. Liz stumbles through the words, but ultimately says that Jason and she are planning to be married. Roger and Vicki are shocked, and Carolyn looks distraught at the news.

Our thoughts

John: Well, so much for seeing the moldy bones of Paul Stoddard in the basement. But the way they lingered on the floor of that room sure makes it seem like we haven't seen the last of it.

Christine: Oh, it was the floor we were looking at? I thought we were checking out everyone's fashionable shoes as they each took a turn parading across the floor. Vicki wins for having the cutest pair of pumps.

John: Liz continues her tradition of not being a good liar. Jason sets everything up for her, but she still has trouble spinning his pre-fab web of lies. Unfortunately, no one can see through them.

Christine: They already used up their once-a-year allotment of being able to easily figure something out.

John: Since Liz clearly isn't going to call Jason's bluff, it's just a matter of time before something else intervenes and cuts their wedding plans short.

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