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Dark Shadows Episode 250 - 6/9/67

Maggie looks into the mirror and remembers her name. Then she remembers her father's name. She knocks over the music box, and as the music plays, she recalls her name is Josette. She struggles with it. She closes the music box and says, "I am Maggie Evans." Willie knocks on the door and calls to Josette. Maggie starts to correct her name, but stops. Willie says Barnabas would like to see her. She tells Willie that she'll be down after she brushes her hair.

Barnabas asked how she seemed, and if she answered to Josette. Willie says she referred to herself that way. Maggie comes downstairs and tells him that she's been enjoying the music box.

Barnabas sends Willie away and says he's delighted she loves the music box. He then presents her with a necklace, which she says she's unworthy of. Barnabas says that once Willie completes the arrangements, they'll be married for all eternity. He tells her to leave him, for the last time. After this, he tells her, they will never be apart. As she's walking away, he calls to Maggie. Maggie turns, and asks if he's referring to a servant. He says he won't mention her again and as she goes upstairs, he smiles.

Maggie holds up the necklace in the mirror and says it can't happen. She hears hammering downstairs, as Willie makes the arrangements for their wedding.

Maggie comes downstairs to see what Willie is doing. She hears them talking.

Barnabas is in the basement with Willie, telling him he's proud of his work. Barnabas says that after tonight he will have no power over her, but he won't need it. She won't remember who she was. Barnabas asks if Willie sees the work as beautiful. He says he cannot. Barnabas says Maggie will find it beautiful, as Maggie watches them standing over a freshly crafted coffin.

Willie finishes up work on the coffin when he finds Maggie. She tells him she was restless. Willie asks her who she is. He calls her Maggie, and she says he shouldn't call her such a crude, common name. He then asks her what she thinks of his work. She looks at the coffin and says it's beautiful. He says it's not supposed to be beautiful until AFTER Barnabas makes her his bride. He calls her Maggie, and says she wants to escape.

She shows Willie the necklace Barnabas gave her, and tells him it's very valuable. She offers it to him if he lets her go. Maggie says they can kill him, and they can both go. Willie says he can't do it, and Maggie says that she can. She tells him to take the necklace and go upstairs.

They hear Barnabas' heart beating. Maggie grabs a sharp spike and says that he'll finally be free. Willie says he has to protect him, and he can't help it. He grapples with Maggie and she drops the spike.

Back in her bedroom, Maggie repeats her name. Willie comes to get her and apologizes, saying there's nothing he can do. He suggests that she just give in, as it will be easier. She says that Maggie Evans would really be gone, and Willie tells her  that tomorrow she won't care. They leave to go downstairs.

Willie and Maggie arrive in the basement. He leaves her by Barnabas' coffin, and though she pleads for him to stay, he says he has to leave her. She grabs the spike she dropped earlier and places it on her coffin. She hears Barnabas' heart beating, and opens his coffin while he sleeps. She grabs the spike, and as she raises it to strike, he opens his eyes. She screams, dropping the spike again, and he smiles, baring his fangs.

Our thoughts

John: So was I alone in assuming Willie was making a double-wide his-and-hers coffin for Barnabas and Josette?

Christine: Did you have something like this in mind?

John: Maggie clearly sees Barnabas as a vampire by going for a stake to vanquish him. I guess his living in the coffin was a dead giveaway.

Christine: Will Willie get the cane for being foolish enough to leave sharp tools out around Barnabas' resting place? Incidentally, how is it he can build an entire coffin but can't bother to knock down the cobwebs in the basement?

John: I wonder if this episode was the originally scheduled demise of Barnabas Collins. It seems likely that his run may have been longer than 40 episodes, but the way they set it up for Maggie to take him out, it was actually anti-climactic when she just dropped the spike at the last minute.

Christine: Well you can't expect her to poke him in the chest when he's looking at her. He's got vampire strength while she suffers from anemia. It is interesting that we have two separate storylines with unwilling brides for us to compare. While both Jason and Barnabas are parasitic predators with a desire to possess, Barnabas is motivated by romantic intentions, while Jason is inspired by his love for money. They both have charm, but only Barnabas has jewels.

Sparkly jewels.

Willie can't resist touching the jewels.

Willie touching jewels in Episode 208.

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