Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 264 - 6/29/67

Jason enters the drawing room and says good evening to Roger, who refuses to acknowledge him. Roger gets up to leave, and Jason says he hopes he's not leaving on his account, and Roger says that's exactly why he is leaving. Jason says they'll be brothers in law soon, and Roger says that won't be the case if he can help it.

Jason threatens Roger, saying if he opposes him, he may find himself at the short end of Collinwood. Roger explains papers are being written up that will prevent Jason from taking over the estate, and Jason counters that papers have to be signed as well. Roger storms out and Jason sits down with the paper, laughing.

Willie tells Barnabas that all traces of Maggie have been cleaned up. Barnabas says he thought he saw someone out the window. Willie asks if it's David. Willie then asks about Maggie. Barnabas mentions how even he was surprised that she died. Willie says that they're responsible for her death. Barnabas reminds Willie that there's an alternative if he decides he doesn't want to work for him. He sends Willie to go outside to see if anyone is there.

Roger drops in to see Barnabas, who offers him some amontillado. Roger doesn't pass up a chance for a free drink. Barnabas says Roger looks disturbed, and he says he's concerned about his sister's potential marriage to Jason McGuire. Roger says he thinks she's being forced to marry him. Barnabas says he thought it was an odd relationship, but he didn't feel it was his place to say. He says he doesn't trust McGuire. Roger says that they've all tried to stop her, including Carolyn, who has threatened to marry one of the most disreputable people in the entire county.

Barnabas asks if he should talk to Liz, and Roger suggests not. Barnabas then asks if Jason can be bought off. Roger says they're drawing up papers to try and protect the estate, but Jason is confident they won't be signed. Roger says he hates to think of what would happen to the estate if Jason gets his way, and wishes there was someone who could deal with him. Barnabas says since the disposition of the property involves him, he'd be happy to speak with Jason.

Willie walks around the old house, and comes across Sarah. He asks what she's doing out here, and she says she's looking for someone to play with. He asks where she lives, and she tells him she's from around here. She says she's been looking for her parents for a long time, and can't find them anywhere. Willie asks if she was the one who played with David, and she says yes, but she hasn't seen him. Willie tells her not to play around here. He tries to send her away, and asks where she lives. She points to the old house. He says he'll take her to town, and she says she lives there. He tells her to follow him and he turns to see that she's gone.

Barnabas and Roger arrive at the main house. Roger points out that Barnabas' interest in the old house might be in jeopardy. He asks Roger to check for a proviso in the original deeds that might have anticipated just such a situation. Roger goes upstairs and asks Barnabas to wait in the drawing room.

Barnabas finds Jason in the drawing room and asks about the upcoming changes in the house. Jason says his marriage to Liz will be a very happy event. Barnabas questions this, and Jason reiterates that he'll ensure that it is. He adds this is a chance for happiness for his cousin. Barnabas says it's not his business, but he is concerned with Jason's motives. Barnabas says it's possible he knows more about Jason than the others.

Jason asks if he's been talking to Willie. Barnabas says he wants the estate to remain as it has, and not fall into the hands of an unscrupulous person. Barnabas implies he knows about illegal activities in Jason's past. Jason suggests that Barnabas speak freely, as he will not be intimidated. Jason turns the tables and asks about who Barnabas is. Why would a gentleman hire someone like Willie. Jason is intrigued with why Barnabas would need someone like Willie, and asks about his business, and where he gets his money. He also asks where Barnabas goes every day, since he only ever sees him at night.

Barnabas returns to the old house, and tells Willie that Jason McGuire is beginning to ask questions. He says if he's not careful, he'll have to be dealt with. Willie says he's only bluffing. Then he tells Barnabas he did find someone outside—a little girl. He tells him that before she ran off, she said the old house was where she lived.

Our thoughts

John: Nice to see Roger attempt to play hardball with Jason, though he's clearly outmatched. While it's odd to think of pulling in his cousin to help with the situation, it's probably one of the brightest moves he's made.

Christine: I thought Jason McGuire was going to continue laughing through the opening theme. Barnabas is such a pleasant gentleman whenever he is around Roger that you can almost forget that he's a bloodthirsty killer. That may come in handy when it comes to dealing with Mr. McGuire.

John: Willie meets Sarah outside the old house, and is even less aware of her period clothing than David was. You'd think he of all people might be more open to supernatural explanations for things in and around Collinwood.

Christine: Too bad he didn't bring her back to the Old House to talk to Barnabas after she said it was where she lived.

John: I love that the stage is being set for a showdown between Barnabas and Jason. If the family members like cousin Barnabas now, just wait until he rids Collinwood of that pest once and for all.

Christine: Although Roger claimed Barnabas had a stake in dealing with Jason to protect his interest in the Old House, I rather think that he is more concerned with protecting the Collins family. It would be great to have Barnabas show Jason exactly why he never sees him during the daytime.

Roger walks a long time through crunchy things before arriving at the Old House.

Barnabas lets a good glass of amontillado go to waste.


  1. Amontillado - that scene might be one of the few Poe connections on Dark Shadows.

  2. Jason has no idea what he's in for with Barnabas. I just love these scenes between Barnabas and Jason. Heck, I love ANY scene where Jason is involved!