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Dark Shadows Episode 247 - 6/6/67

Sam tries to work on a painting, but gives up and pours himself a drink. The sheriff arrives to see him, though with no news on Maggie. He tells Sam that they're beginning to feel that Maggie might be dead. Sam refuses to accept that. There's another knock at the door, and Burke arrives. The sheriff heads out, and Sam tells Burke the police think she's dead. Burke doesn't believe it. He tells Sam that he knows she'll be found. Burke offers to buy Sam dinner. Sam says he can't go out, but ultimately agrees he could work on the portrait of Barnabas Collins.

Sam arrives at the old house, and Willie greets him. He says he'd like to work on the painting. Willie tries to send Sam away, but Sam is persistent. Willie suggests that Sam take the painting home, and offers to carry the easel so Sam doesn't have to make two trips. Sam leaves a pipe behind on a table.

Maggie comes downstairs and walks through the old house in a trance. She notices the pipe and picks it up. She holds it close to her chest, and then returns upstairs.

Sam and Willie come back in, and can't find the pipe anywhere. Sam asks Willie to let him know if he finds it, describing it as a good old friend.

Maggie comes back downstairs where Willie is working. He tells her she's not supposed to come downstairs unless she's told to. She says she doesn't want to be up there. He asks if she had been down before, and if she took anything from the room. He tells her she has to do as she's told. She asks him who she is, and he says she's Josette. She says she thinks that she's someone else. He reiterates that she's Josette, and she says she can't be. He tells her to go back upstairs, as Barnabas will be back soon. She repeats Barnabas' name several times, and then flees back upstairs.

Willie makes his way down to the basement, where Barnabas' coffin lies. The coffin creaks open and Barnabas asks what he wants. He says Sam Evans came by, and that he gave him the painting to work on from home. Barnabas says it would not be good for anyone to find their guest, or to find Barnabas in the basement. He explains that he is very vulnerable there, and then makes his way upstairs.

Maggie comes back downstairs, and we hear her thoughts that she is someone else. She clutches the pipe, and thinks it belongs to someone she has to find. She opens the front door and leaves.

Burke stops in to see Sam working on the portrait of Barnabas. Burke brought him a ham and swiss sandwich for dinner.

Barnabas tells Willie he has to keep an eye out for David. He asks how Josette is, and Willie tells him she came downstairs. He says he may need to lock her in her room. Willie says he keeps telling her she's Josette, but she doesn't always believe it. He sends Willie upstairs to fetch her, and he screams her name when he cannot find her. Willie runs back downstairs and notices the front door is open. The two run out to find her.

While Sam and Burke chat, Sam sees Maggie outside his window. They run outside, but she's nowhere to be seen.

Our thoughts

John: We're treated to a new location at the old house! The basement! And for the first time, we see Barnabas in his coffin! Great stuff!

Christine: He has a nice cobwebby lair. If anyone was unsure about Barnabas being a vampire, all doubt was removed today. What was up with the bell tolling 19 times when Willie was approaching the coffin? Did Stephen King have something to do with Dark Shadows? He was only 19 when this episode aired. Hmm...

John: I don't think we've ever seen Barnabas move as fast as he did when they ran out the door after they discovered Maggie was missing.

Christine: The jig is up! Or is it?

John: How could Maggie just disappear from right outside the window so quickly? Sadly, I assume it will be soon written off as a figment of Sam's imagination. Unless of course, she dropped the pipe...

Christine: I guess his screaming frightened her away. More like it will be written off as an alcohol induced hallucination. It should give Sam renewed hope that Maggie is still alive.

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