Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Episode 138 - 1/4/67

Roger tells the sheriff that the report from Phoenix is clearly preposterous, as Laura is in Collinwood. The sheriff reiterated that the Phoenix police department verified their report was positive; that the body was definitely Laura Collins. The sheriff asks to speak to Laura Collins. Roger asks that he not pressure her with third-degree type questioning.

Laura sits by the fire when there's a knock at the door. She lets in Roger and the sheriff. The sheriff asks about her address in Phoenix, and when she was last there. She describes traveling by train and bus to arrive in Collinsport. She asks if there was a robbery, and the sheriff explains there was a fire at her apartment three days ago, with a single fatality; a body identified as Laura Collins. The sheriff is fine leaving it to the Phoenix PD to deal with.

Burke drops Carolyn off at Collinwood with Laura's baggage. She wasn't going to invite him in, but then he kisses her and she does invite him in. He warms his hands by the fire and invites her to get closer to him. They kiss some more. Burke offers to take Laura's luggage to her on his way out. Carolyn is not happy with his offer.

Roger sends the sheriff on his way and enters the house.

Carolyn asks if Burke is polite, or if he's just interested in spending time with her aunt. Burke says she's suspicious. They kiss once more as Roger walks in. He tells Carolyn that Burke is not welcome in their house. Burke kisses her one more time before grabbing Laura's suitcase and leaving.

There's another knock at the door to Matthew's cabin. Laura's in a stupor, and comes out of it when she hears Burke outside. He brings in her bag, and as she holds the door open, he suggests she's letting the cold in. She closes the door. Burke explains how he could buy Collinwood. That he's not someone to be taken lightly.

Roger asks Carolyn if she delivered Laura's luggage, and she says Burke is taking it. Extremely upset, he says goodnight to Carolyn without even looking at her.

Burke asks Laura for a commitment. She says she won't do anything until she has David. She tells him that if Roger felt she was conspiring with him, there's no way he'd let her have David. He tells Laura that she owes him. Burke kisses Laura. She rebuffs him when Roger bursts in with a gun.

Our thoughts

John: If they had DNA results in 1967, the report out of Phoenix about the positive ID of Laura's body might have held water. Hell, I would have settled for dental record identification. But how can the sheriff be so swayed by circumstantial evidence when there's clear proof Laura Collins in currently in Collinsport? Positive identification, indeed.

Christine: It does lead to some interesting questions, especially after David's assertion that she was not his mother. If not Laura, then whose body was found in her apartment?

John: Burke clearly knows how to get whatever he wants from Carolyn. A few smooches and she forgets everything. He laid more kisses on her this episode than he had in the entire series up to this point.

Christine: He might not hold much sway over her if she found out he was making out with her aunt after he finished laying all those kisses on her.

John: I don't know if I was more surprised by Burke forcing himself on Laura, or Roger coming to her rescue.

Christine: I thought he was more interested in defending his marital rights than protecting Laura from Burke.

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