Monday, May 15, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 231 - 5/15/67

Sam examines the marks on Maggie's neck while waiting for the doctor arrive. Outside, a wolf howls. She wakes to see Joe and her father standing over her. She asks what happened, and Sam tells her she got lost. She asks where she went, and Joe stops him from telling her. Joe says Vicki and Burke found her and brought her back. She asks where they found her, and Sam tells her she was at Eagle's Hill cemetery. She asks if she was alone. They explain that Burke saw a shadow, but didn't find anyone.

The doctor examines Maggie. He asks if she's ever walked in her sleep. Sam describes the nightmare she had recently. The doctor examines her throat and asks how she got the puncture wounds. She says she doesn't know. He cleans the wound, and she screams at him to leave her alone.

As the doctor leaves her bedroom, Joe asks how she is. The doctor says he needs to give her a transfusion right away. She's lost blood two times in a very short period. Joe explains he has Type A blood like Maggie.

The doctor administers a transfusion from Joe to Maggie. As the wolf howls outside, she screams out. She tries to pull the needle out, but they manage to hold her down.

The doctor gives Sam a prescription for tranquilizers. He tells Sam that Maggie can't be left alone, and she needs to stay in bed. He suggests that Sam enlist friends to help watch over her.

Joe watches over Maggie as she sleeps. Sam returns home with the prescription, and sends Joe home for the night. Sam sits down to watch over her as she sleeps. After a while, Sam falls asleep. Maggie gets out of bed and goes to the door. She attempts to open it as a wolf howls outside. Sam wakes up and stops her as she screams out, "Let me out!"

Our thoughts

John: We get the doctor's understudy today. I guess if you're not one of the main cast, the show must go on!

Christine: We actually have a new Dr. Woodard today, played by Robert Gerringer. He'll be the consulting physician for awhile. He may look different, but he seems just as incompetent.

John: It's amusing that the doctor has to assume an awkward position on the far side of Maggie's bed in order for us to see the marks on her neck while he talks about them.

Christine: So, if the bite marks weren't there when he examined Maggie earlier as he says, how did she initially lose blood and why did she bother with the scarf in Episode 229?

John: Good thing the doc brought his home transfusion kit along with him, AND that Joe and Maggie shared the same blood type!

Christine: That certainly was a piece of luck. It was also lucky they shared the same Rh factor since Dr. Woodard didn't bother to ask. Maggie could have had a pretty bad reaction otherwise. Is the dog howling during the transfusion because Barnabas is unhappy that it is delaying her transformation to vampire bride, or because he is not delighted by the prospect of tasting Joe blood from Maggie's veins?

"Maggie, you didn't stick a pin in your neck by any chance..." -The Incomparable Dr. Dave Woodard

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