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Dark Shadows Episode 235 - 5/19/67

Vicki pounds on the bedroom door, calling for Maggie to let her in. A knock at the door signals Burke's arrival. He breaks down the door to find Maggie in bed with fresh bloody wounds on her neck, and the outer doors open.

The doctor examines Maggie, and points out that she's lost a tremendous amount of blood again. He also points out the wounds on her neck are open again. He says they look like bite marks, as if she were attacked by a huge dog. Vicki says she heard a dog outside Maggie's window.

The doctor picks up the phone to call an ambulance when Burke arrives with Sam. He rushes in to check on Maggie. Vicki says she's been unconscious since they found her. He asks how the wounds on her neck re-opened. Sam says something inhuman is responsible.

The doctor asks Sam and Vicki to leave while he completes his examination of Maggie.

Burke offers Sam a drink, and he refuses. The doctor comes out and says her neck wounds are her only injuries. He says another significant transfusion is in order. He asks the doctor what Maggie's chances are. The doctor says she has a good chance if she makes it through the night, and Sam asks him if he thinks there's a chance she won't make it through the night.

At the Collinsport Hospital, Joe arrives as Maggie slowly comes out of her unconscious state. Sam explains to her that she's in the hospital. She notices Joe is present. The doctor tells them not to waste her strength. Sam asks her what happened to her tonight after Vicki left her room. She says it was the worst nightmare she's ever had. She apologizes to Joe for picking fights with him. She asks her father to take care of himself, and not drink too much. She explains that she might die, and Sam and Joe refuse to let her talk that way. The doctor returns and tells them they can wait in a lounge down the hall.

After midnight, the doctor tells the nurse on duty that Maggie is not to be left alone under any circumstance.

At 2pm, Joe and Sam continue to sit in the waiting room. Sam talks about waiting there for Maggie to be born, and then starts to cry as he describes waiting to find out if she'll survive the night.

A nurse checks in on Maggie, and she says she needs air. She asks the nurse to open the window. The nurse initially refuses, and then agreed to do so. After she does, Maggie tells her she feels much, much better.

Sam paces in the waiting room in front of Sam. Joe tells him Maggie will be fine.

Maggie gasps several times, then appears to pass out. The nurse checks her quickly then rushes out to call the doctor. He's walking by when she says she can't detect a heartbeat. The return to her room to find Maggie gone, with the door outside standing wide open.

Our thoughts

John: Burke has to hold the door shut in order to break it down. Otherwise, he might have taken out the whole set wall.

Christine: I was wondering why they didn't just try going through the French doors. Burke and Vicki find Maggie with a really bad hickey and saliva on her throat. It was pretty gross. Barnabas is such a dog!

John: Sam hasn't had a drink since when? When he started working on the Barnabas portrait? Or has he been to The Blue Whale since then? It would be hard to believe that he won't drink as long as he's got a steady gig?

Christine: Perhaps the work keeps his hands busy. Or it could be that he hasn't had the need to drink so much since he's gotten over his guilt and worry over his role in Burke's manslaughter conviction.

John: Do they not pay the light bills at the Collinsport Hospital? It's darker in there than the old house when Barnabas has all the candles burning.

Christine: They keep the lights dim in the hospital at night so patients can sleep. It seems the staff at Collinsport Hospital has not been trained on CPR procedures. It was developed in 1960, so I suppose it was still relatively new.

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