Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 232 - 5/16/67

Joe sits with Maggie while she sleeps. He knocks over his coffee, waking her up. She asks what he's doing there, and he says he took over for her father a few hours earlier. Joe tells her she was restless until sunrise. She has no recollection of wanting to go out last night. Joe tries to help her remember. She says she may be tired because everyone keeps asking her questions. Joe tells her she should go back to sleep. She tells Joe to go away, and that they aren't going to see each other anymore. He's shocked.

Joe calls Vicki and asks her to watch Vicki until her father gets home. As she prepares to leave, Jason suggests that Vicki not go out in the storm. She explains that Maggie Evans can't be left alone. Jason doesn't understand the issue, and Vicki explains how she walked to the cemetery the other night. He asks how they would come to find her in a cemetery, and she explains that she received a mysterious phone call. She also mentions the wound on her neck. He asks what the doctor said about her condition, and Vicki says he didn't know what was wrong with her. After she leaves, Jason grabs his coat.

Jason arrives at the old house and comes in, looking for Willie. Willie comes downstairs and asks what Jason wants. He says he's got some questions, and is surprised when he sees bruises on Willie's face. Jason ignores the marks, and asks what he knows about Maggie showing up at Eagle Hill cemetery. Jason also asks Willie about the marks on his arm matching the marks on her neck, both of which occurred at Eagle Hill cemetery. Jason asks if Willie was the one to call Vicki and tell her to look for Maggie at the cemetery. Willie denies everything. Jason is worried that Willie is going to bring the authorities to Collinwood.

Joe explains Maggie's mood swings to Vicki. She tells him that Maggie will be herself again.

Maggie wakes up and calls out to Joe. Vicki walks in and asks how she's feeling. She asks if it's nighttime, and says she's feeling better. She tells Vicki how much she enjoys the darkness. Vicki asks Maggie about her telling Joe she didn't want to see him again. She reiterates that, and tells Vicki to leave her alone. Vicki sits in a chair while Maggie attempts to sleep. She tosses and turns in bed as thunder cracks outside. She starts to get up and Vicki asks her what's wrong. The external door blows open and the silhouette of a figure is standing outside. A flash of lightning reveals that no one is there.

Our thoughts

John: Poor Joe. After several hundred episodes being constantly berated by Carolyn, it's now Maggie's turn. Question is, will he stick around, or make his way to his next abusive relationship?

Christine: I was thinking that too. Maybe he'll go back to Carolyn.

John: Willie is a very unconvincing liar. But it looks like he can take a licking and keeps on ticking with the best of them.

Christine: It seemed like shades of old Willie had returned as he tried to pass on a warning to his old buddy, Jason McGuire. He is not a pretty sight though.

John: What are the chances that Vicki caught enough of a glimpse to make out the shape of Barnabas?

Christine: The chances are good that she could make out the shape of Barnabas. The chances are better that she won't recognize it as him. I wonder if Barnabas paused to consider biting both girls.

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