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Dark Shadows Episode 234 - 5/18/67

Willie is on the ground before Barnabas, following his latest beating. Willie denies having called Vicki to tell her she could find Maggie in the cemetery. Barnabas says he does not like someone who breaks a trust as Willie did. Willie promises he won't do anything wrong. Barnabas tells him he needs to tell Jason not to come around anymore, and to stop asking questions. He suggests that Willie not fail in his request, and Willie assures him that Jason will stay away. Barnabas sends him away so he can meditate.

Maggie stands in her open doorway, looking out into the night when her father arrives. He suggests she try and get some sleep, and she says she's not tired anymore. She assures her father that she feels much better. She tells him he doesn't need to stay with her.

The next morning, the doctor tells Maggie that she's very much improved, but that she needs more rest. Before he leaves, Sam asks if the sleepwalking could be due to a psychological disturbance. The doctor says rest seems to be working, so she should continue with that. The doctor admits that he's perplexed by the puncture wounds on her neck.

Vicki is at the Evans house to watch over Maggie while Sam goes to work on the Barnabas Collins' commission. Sam apologizes in advance for how Maggie might treat her. Vicki finds her in bed reading. She asks if her father is gone, and she says yes. Vicki thanks her for staying with her while her father is out. Vicki notices that Maggie seems frightened. Maggie starts to get angry about being pent up in the house, and then relaxes a bit. Vicki offers to get her warm milk, and when she starts to leave the room, Maggie screams for her not to leave her, no matter what she may say or do. She asks Vicki to promise, and she does.

Barnabas sits in his chair while Sam continues with the portrait. Sam struggles with the shading, and tells Barnabas that he can get up while he works on it. Barnabas excuses himself to go out into the beautiful night. He gathers his things and leaves Sam working at his easel.

Willie walks in on Sam and asks where Barnabas is. Sam says he doesn't know and Willie presses him to find out when he left, and where he went. Willie asks about Maggie. Sam tells him not to mention his daughter, and not to bother him while he's working.

Maggie tosses and turns, and when Vicki checks on her, she says there's nothing wrong. She tells Vicki there's no reason for her to be there. She tells her to go home. Outside, the wolves howl. Maggie tells Vicki that if she's scared, she should leave. Suddenly, something rattles the door to Maggie's bedroom. Vicki is terrified, and Maggie continues to tell her to leave. Vicki goes to get help, and Maggie sits up in bed.

Vicki calls Burke to help her, and the bedroom door slams shut. Vicki pounds on the door calling to Maggie.

Our thoughts

John: Maggie does a good job with the Sybil routine. She really gives a different performance based on whether she's playing her normal self versus her Barnabas-possessed self.

Christine: I agree. She goes from sweet Maggie to evil dead Maggie very effectively. Joe should take comfort in knowing that Maggie's unhinged behavior is not directed solely at him, but at anyone who should attempt to guard and protect her.

John: It's been a while since we've seen him work on it, but Sam has made some headway on the portrait since the first night.

Christine: Yeah, I wonder how long it will take him to fill in Barnabas' jacket.

John: It's a shame there's no telephone in Maggie's bedroom, as I think by leaving her alone, even for a second, it's quite likely she won't be on the other side of the door when Vicki gets back in there.

"I don't like people asking questions. And I like even less the people who inspire the questions."

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