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Dark Shadows Episode 221 - 5/2/67

Maggie locks the door at the diner, grabs her purse, shuts out the light, and as she grabs her coat, she is startled by the appearance of Barnabas Collins. He apologizes, and asks if it's too late to get a cup of coffee. She says she's not going anyplace important, so she can get him a cup of coffee. She asks if he's passing through and he explains that he plans to live in Collinsport permanently. He explains that he's a Collins, and she welcomes him to town. He explains he's living in the original house, and she asks if the old house is even habitable. She says folks in town thinks that house is haunted. He explains that he doesn't believe in such things.

She notices his cane, and he describes it as a family heirloom made of gold and silver. He says it's his prized possession. It's part of his family tradition. She offers to warm up his coffee. Outside, she hears dogs howling. She says they were doing that last night as well.

She seems troubled, wondering what they're howling about. She says they're making her nervous. She introduces herself, and he says the name sounds familiar. She says perhaps he knows her father, the artist. Barnabas gets up to leave and the dogs stop howling. He bids her goodnight and leaves.

As Maggie prepares to close up, Joe arrives, surprising her. He says he was concerned about her. Someone tried to grab the Ackerman girl, and he didn't want her wandering around alone. She says she had a last minute customer, and he probably saw him on his way out. Joe says he saw no one and the streets were deserted. She says it was Barnabas Collins, and that he's staying up at the old house. She said he seemed sad, but she liked him. Joe feigns jealousy. He offers to take her to The Blue Whale. She agrees, and then spots Barnabas' cane. She asks Joe to drive her up to the old house so she can drop it off. As they leave, the dogs start howling again.

Joe and Maggie arrive at the old house and knock on the door. The door creaks open. Joe calls out, but no one answers. Maggie suggests they go inside to leave the cane. Joe asks if anyone is there. Maggie points out that candles are burning, so he must be home. Joe offers to go upstairs and asks her to stay downstairs. Maggie is startled when Barnabas appears behind her. She tells him he left his cane behind at the coffee shop. He thanks her. She says she's sorry they came into the house, and Barnabas asks if there's someone else with her. Joe bounds down the stairs and she introduces him to Barnabas. He thanks them for going to the trouble of returning his cane.

After they've left, Willie steps out into the open and asks why they were there. Barnabas tells him that he's not supposed to be in the house. He has a job to do. Willie asks what he's planning to do with the girl.

Joe and Maggie arrive back at her house, and they talk about Barnabas. She asks what he thinks of him, and Joe says he's very polite. She agrees, but says for a moment, when they were alone before Joe came downstairs, she was afraid of him.

Willie asks what he plans to do with her. Barnabas tells him that if he did have plans, it wouldn't be any of Willie's business. He explains that he left his cane in the coffee shop, and she returned it. Willis suggests that he left it on purpose, and Barnabas tells him he won't answer his questions. He tells him he must and will do the job he's supposed to do. Willie fearfully retreats, saying he'll do it. Barnabas steps to the window and looks out as the dogs howl outside.

Maggie looks out the window. Joe asks her what time she'd like him to pick her up tomorrow. She doesn't answer, and appears to be in a kind of trance. She says she felt as if someone was staring at her; looking right through her.

Barnabas continues to stare out of the window of the old house.

Our thoughts

John: I don't know about you, but I don't tend to leave my prized possessions made of silver and gold behind when I go somewhere. I think Willie's right.

Christine: It's the oldest trick in the book. Having Joe tag along may have saved Maggie from becoming a vampire bride. It is interesting to note that Barnabas drinks coffee and sherry and is not repelled by the cross. It's evident he's not your everyday vampire. He sure loves that cane though.

John: Speaking of Willie, it is becoming clear that he may be the Renfield to Barnabas' Count Dracula. But he appears to be an unwilling servant to his master...

Christine: The house has been cleaned up quite a bit, with a polished chandelier and new window panes, though it appears the portrait of Josette is missing from its location above the fireplace.

John: Great closing shot of Barnabas. He's clearly got Maggie in his sights, so she might not be as lucky as the aforementioned Ackerman girl. I'm curious if 'Ackerman' was a subtle nod to Forrest J Ackerman, editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, which would go on to feature Dark Shadows on the cover several times during its run. the first being issue #52 in 1968.

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