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Dark Shadows Episode 243 - 5/31/67

The doctor knocks on the door of the old house. Willie answers the door. He asks Willie how he's feeling, and asks to examine his wounds to ensure they're healing properly. He says he'd also like to get a sample of his blood.

Willie declines, and tells the doctor to go away. He tries to close the door but the doctor blocks it. He forces his way in. Willie says he feels fine. The doctor says he has another patient, Maggie Evans, and he wants to be sure they're not suffering from the same thing. Willie says he doesn't want or need an examination, and tells the doctor to go away.

He hears something, and asks what time it is. The doctor says it's 6:30, and Willie tells him he has to leave. Willie says it will be dark soon.

Barnabas interrupts them, and the doctor introduces himself. The doctor tells Barnabas why he wants to examine Willie, and Barnabas tells him to let the doctor do his work. Willie refuses, and asks to go to his room. Barnabas allows it, and apologizes to the doctor. He suggests that Willie might be afraid of doctors. The doctor asks Barnabas to try and persuade him to come see him. Barnabas says he will, but adds that he can't force Willie to do anything against his will.

Jason arrives at Collinwood and presents Liz with a bouquet of violets. She asks why, and he says he remembered that she likes them.

He mentions how she brought up a problem yesterday when there's a knock at the door. Liz gets it and lets the doctor in. He asks if Jason is present. Jason calls him into the drawing room and invites him to sit down. The doctor asks if Jason tended Willie when he was sick. He asks to confirm that Willie was weak during the day, and regained his strength at night. Jason confirms that, and asks why he's asking. The doctor says that Maggie Evans' symptoms were identical. He thinks Willie might have the same problem. He adds that Maggie's blood samples were stolen from his office. Jason asks why, and the doctor explains that he has no idea. He asks Jason to try and convince Willie to be examined. Jason says they're not close friends any longer. He suggests that he might have more luck with Barnabas. The doctor says he spoke to him, and Barnabas says he can't force Willie to do anything. Liz says she'll talk to Barnabas.

Jason goes to the old house, where Barnabas answers. He asks for Willie, and Barnabas explains he sent him on an errand. Jason asks to speak to Barnabas about Willie. They review the doctor's concerns. Barnabas says he promised the doctor that he would talk to Willie. Jason says that Barnabas is the only one he's ever seen Willie take orders from. He then asks how they met. Barnabas reiterates his story about Willie finding him on the side of the road, and helping him fix a flat tire. Jason says that it's quite a coincidence that Willie, with a strange interest in the Collins' family history, would end up working for Barnabas. Jason asks Barnabas if he knows about Willie being at the cemetery at Eagle's Hill.  Jason explains how he saw the Collins' family crypt there.

Jason returns home to the main house, and asks how well Liz knows Barnabas, and she tells him she doesn't want to talk about her cousin with him. Jason says he's not asking for any more money. Liz says the only solution is for Jason to leave. He says he has another idea, and tells her they are going to get married.

Our thoughts

John: Everyone knows that Willie will do whatever Barnabas asks of him. That said, it will be interesting to see how Barnabas' allowing Willie to avoid submitting to the doctor's examination will affect his own credibility. 

Christine: If Liz asks him to make Willie do it, he'll have to agree. After all, he's staying rent free on the property. If that's the case, will he risk further suspicion by stealing Willie's samples also? It's interesting that the notion of vampirism having an epidemiological basis is being raised.

John: I'm beginning to wonder how long until the V-word is mentioned in Collinwood. And now that Barnabas has Maggie on tap, does that mean Willie isn't out catching goats for him any more?

Christine: Perhaps it will be mentioned soon after our blood expert, Dr. Hoffman, arrives on scene. Willie seems too busy making runs to Bangor for draperies and whatnot to be able to secure livestock for Barnabas any more, but he must be having more than Maggie fluids for meals or she'd be drained by now.

John: Holy smokes. Could Jason possibly get away with blackmailing Liz to marry him?

Christine: He's gotten every other outrageous thing he's demanded. I think Liz is about to become a June bride. Prepare for Collinwood to be turned upside down.

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