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Dark Shadows Episode 230 - 5/12/67

Sam Evans wanders through the house, looking for Maggie. Joe arrives, joined by Burke and Vicki. Joe suggests that Maggie may have picked the fight to get rid of him, so she could go somewhere without his stopping her. Sam says the sheriff is looking for her already. Burke arranges for he, Joe and Sam to go look for her, while Vicki stays behind in case Maggie returns.

Maggie wanders through a cemetery.

Several hours later, there's still no sign of Maggie. There's a knock at the door. It's Willie. He was bringing a message to Sam—not to come to the house to work on the painting until after midnight. She tells him he won't be coming, as Maggie is missing. Willie is noticeably upset and leaves quickly.

Maggie continues to wander through the graveyard.

Vicki answers a call. On the other end, we see Willie disguising his voice. He says if they want to save Maggie, they need to go to the cemetery on Eagle Hill. Maggie calls the sheriff, but is unable to get through. Just then Burke arrives. She tells him about the call, and she says they have to go to the graveyard on Eagle Hill. Burke says he's going to the graveyard, and Vicki says she's going with him.

Maggie walks amongst the fog covered tombstones when Barnabas appears. He tells her they must go somewhere else, and leads her away. Willie shows up and says that Barnabas needs to get away, as he heard her friends are coming to find her. Burke's voice can be heard in the distance. Barnabas calls for Maggie to come with her. She faints.

Vicki finds one of Maggie's slippers in the graveyard.

Willie tells Barnabas they have to go somewhere safe. They leave Maggie's body behind.

Vicki tells Burke she sees something, and finds Maggie's body. Burke confirms she had only fainted. Vicki asks what she's doing there, and Maggie just recalls going to bed and having bad dreams. Burke notices someone moving in the distance, and goes to check it out.

Willie leads Barnabas into the family crypt. He pulls the lever opening the secret panel, and they go into the room with the coffins.

Burke approaches the family crypt and finds it empty. Barnabas and Willie stand silently behind the closed secret door. Burke exits the crypt.

Vicki comforts Maggie in the graveyard. Burke returns and helps Maggie up. He carries her back to his car.

Barnabas glares at Willie. Willie confirms the coast is clear, and Barnabas asks how Burke knew. Willie says that when he delivered the message to Sam, he heard them talking about coming to the cemetery. Barnabas says they only way they'd know she was at the cemetery is if he told them, and for that, he would be punished, so as to never betray him again. Barnabas proceeds to beat Willie with his wolf's head cane.

Joe and Sam are at the house when Burke and Vicki return with Maggie. Joe goes to help her to her bed, and she screams. Burke goes to loosen her scarf, exposing two puncture wounds on her neck.

Our thoughts

John: When Vicki finds Maggie's slipper, we see the finest carpet (or astroturf) used in the cemetery.

Christine: Looks to me like a wool blanket with some dead leaves scattered on it. I thought Maggie was supposed to have more energy at night. Perhaps she's been drained too often.

John: Willie's beating from Barnabas is sure to outdo the one handed to him by Burke Devlin a few weeks back.

Christine: That was pretty harsh treatment. It's frightening to see the cruel violence this apparent charming gentlemen is capable of exacting on those who oppose him. His wolf's head cane is not just a nice fashion accessory but also an instrument of torture. No wonder he loves it so much. It's nice to see the once despicable Willie Loomis redeem himself by saving Maggie.

John: We finally see bite marks on a neck! Vampires invade Collinwood! Now to see how long before the V-word is first uttered.

Christine: The make up department was working overtime today on Maggie's deathly pallor and Barnabas' vampire eye shadow to great effect. Maggie is in mortal danger. The screaming skull warned us.

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