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Episode 39 - 8/18/66

Roger stops by to see Sam Evans. As they argue over Burke's portrait, Devlin pulls up in his car. Roger hides in the bedroom and tells Sam to get rid of Burke. Sam tries to make an excuse, but Devlin won't have any of it. He keeps asking who's pressuring Sam.

Bill Malloy meets with Liz. He tells her that he thinks Burke is looking into her holdings. He asks her permission to do whatever he can to stop him. The phone rings and it's Ned Calder for Elizabeth. She asks him to come back to work for her. Bill says if she's asking Ned to come back, then she is afraid of Burke.

Burke poses for Sam, who sits in his chair sketching. Burke asks Sam about the Collins family, particularly if Sam knew Roger 10 years ago, at the time of his trial. Burke then asks if he can wash up, and nearly walks in on Roger. Sam sends him to the kitchen instead. Bill Malloy calls Sam looking for Burke, who agrees to meet him at the restaurant in town. After Burke leaves, Roger expresses his disappointment with Sam. Roger is concerned about Sam saying too much to Burke. He offers him $5000 to leave. Sam says the last time the offer was $15,000.

Burke meets Bill Malloy in the restaurant. Bill accuses Burke of wanting to buy out the Collins family. Bill offers to help clear Devlin of the crime he was jailed for, in exchange for leaving the Collins family alone - Elizabeth, Carolyn and David. Burke points out that he didn't mention Roger, and Burke explains he is aware of that.

Roger threatens Sam, who tells him that he wrote a letter describing everything that happened 10 years ago, and that if anything happens to him, the letter will get out. Roger is furious and demands to know who has the letter. Sam rattles off possible names, including Bill Malloy, who walks in on the two men.

Our thoughts

John: Roger's bandage! It's gone! Now he's got a caterpillar-like make up scar to replace it. We'll have to see how long that lasts. Of course, while Roger continues to raise his voice everywhere he goes, he's slinking back into the shadows whenever Burke's around.

Christine: Finally! Now that I see his scar I want him to put the bandage back on.

John:  I'm anxious to find out how Roger and Sam originally got involved with one another. Obviously there's a payoff involved—perhaps to have Sam change his story about who he saw do what...

Christine: It seems like we're getting closer to the answers, so we'll probably find out in a few more months. I guess it was a good idea for Sam to write that letter after all, now that Roger is threatening to kill him.

John: Bill Malloy establishes himself as quite the player in the episode. If he gets dirt on Roger, I don't think he'll hesitate to use it.

Christine: Malloy is obviously no fan of Roger. To celebrate the removal of the Bandage, here's a retrospective of episodes where Roger sports the dressing.

Episodes 17, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25

Episodes 26, 28, 30, 31, 32, 36

Last appearance of the Bandage in Episode 37 and Roger's groovy new scar from today.

Burke drives Sam to drink.

Sam faces Roger's wrath.

Burke seems to be thinking, "Do I look like a clown to you?"

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