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Episode 36 - 8/15/66

Vicki tells Elizabeth that she has no choice but to leave Collinwood. She says it's primarily because of David. Elizabeth says she's afraid, but for David. She says she doesn't think of Vicki as a stranger anymore. She says she needs people to stand up to David and face his hatred. Vicki asks why Liz wants her to stay,  but she can't answer.

Sam calls for Roger, but hangs up without leaving a message. Roger shows up at the restaurant, and tells Sam never to call him at home, and not to paint Burke Devlin's portrait. Roger says he doesn't trust Sam spending time with Devlin.

Liz explains that with Vicki to help with David, Carolyn can finally leave the house. She pleads for Vicki to stay, and she agrees. David comes forward and says he doesn't want Vicki to stay. Vicki decides to go into town to see a movie while Elizabeth takes David aside for a talk. Liz says she doesn't hate David, but she is very angry with him. Roger arrives and calls him a would be killer.

Sam sketches on a napkin in the diner when Vicki arrives. She was too late to catch the beginning of the movie. Instead she gets to hear Sam ramble on about death.

Roger tells Liz she can do what she wishes with his son. He says while she worries about David, the Collins dynasty might vanish from the face of the earth. Roger storms off, Liz picks up the phone and makes a call to a Ned Calder in Portland.

Our thoughts

John: David shows no signs of easing up, but Liz still manages to convince Vicki to stay.

Christine: Elizabeth tells her if she leaves Collinwood, it will be a house of torment and fear. How could she leave knowing that?

John: Louis Edmonds' tirade is quite the spectacle in this episode. He's certainly more amped up than he was when he first heard Burke Devlin arrived in town.

Christine: And this was before he started tippling. It seems the actors have been directed to take it up a notch. Or it could be all that coffee they drink throughout the day. Why is Roger screaming about the Collins dynasty vanishing? Is he suggesting David will ax murder them all in their beds?

John: Sam sure seems to ramble. I wonder if we'll have a better sense in time if that's because he's supposed to be playing drunk, or...

Christine: As a Collinsport bohemian artist, he is expected to spout rambling nonsensical drivel. He did express one coherent thought about Burke to Roger when he said, "what I did to that boy ten years ago is the shame of my life." What could it possibly be? When will we find out?

John: Is it me, or had Maggie abandoned the diner? Several folks have come and gone in the past few episodes, and she's nowhere to be found. Seems like an awfully long break...

Christine: It does appear to be a self serve diner quite often. Can they not afford to hire the waitress who never has any lines?

Still no sign of Isaac Collins on the wall by the globe lamp. Maybe they loan the portrait out to museums.

In case you were thinking this might be Isaac Collins hanging in the foyer behind Liz, you'll note two white cuffs visible in this portrait, while there is only one in Isaac's portrait. This is also not the portrait of Barnabas Collins.

For all the other times Liz has caught David lurking about it's odd she doesn't catch him eavesdropping this time.

Bandage Watch Day 12. It looks like it's about to fall off. I don't think he's ever changed the bandage.

Interesting camerawork.

What in the world is Sam drawing?

Liz: "The world isn't a very happy place for boys who don't care what people think."

Proof positive of Elizabeth's words.

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