Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Episode 48 - 8/31/66

Vicki returns David's drawing of Collinwood to him. He initially seems proud when she expresses how much she likes it, but when she mentions showing it to his father David tears it up. David calls Vicki a thief for taking his drawing without his permission. He's yelling at her when his aunt walks in. She's bringing him a wrapped package that had been delivered. It's a crystal ball from Burke Devlin.

David calls Burke to thank him for the gift. David tells Burke he made a drawing of Collinwood for him, but it was torn. He promises to make him another.

Joe arrives to see Liz, and David shows him the crystal ball he got. Liz comes downstairs and Joe says he has papers for her to sign. She asks why Bill didn't bring them to her and Joe explains that no one has seen Bill since last night.

Liz calls Bill's housekeeper to ask about his whereabouts. Vicki came downstairs looking for David. Liz says she sent him upstairs. She mentions Bill and Vicki says he was at the house last night to see Roger, and that he was distraught. She says the two spoke privately, and before the door was closed she overheard Bill saying he was extending an invitation to Roger.

Joe loiters in the foyer until he's surprised by David. He asks if Carolyn is home, and David says she's out. David says he looked into his crystal ball and saw that Carolyn wouldn't marry Joe; she was going to marry a friend of his; Burke Devlin.

Liz asks Joe to contact her if he hears anything about Bill. He leaves and she calls Roger at work. She demands that he come home immediately to discuss the whereabouts of Bill Mallloy.

Vicki has David work on math problems. He tells her that in his crystal ball, he saw that Bill was killed by his father.

Our thoughts

John: Time to start a Robot watch! We see the second of David's robots in his room in the opening scene.

Christine: I'll bet he's a Lost in Space fan.

John: Never thought I'd find myself agreeing with David, but Vicki really didn't have any right to take his drawing to show Roger.

Christine: She should have known better, since he has trust issues with her and only hatred for his father. The boy would benefit more from a psychotherapist than an inexperienced governess.

John: The daily soap time warp can really get to you when you go days without seeing characters, and then when you do see them next, they refer to the last time we saw them as only hours ago.

Christine: We haven't seen David since Episode 36. I thought perhaps they sent him away after all, though it seems he went to get his hair cut with Carolyn.

John: So Burke giving David a crystal ball is one thing... David prognosticating about current events, such as the mystery of Bill Malloy's disappearance, is another thing altogether. Are these unexplained phenomena the overactive imagination of a spoiled little boy, or is there more to this kid than we know?

Christine: As he said, it isn't a toy. For some reason it reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode, "Long Distance Call." While David's prowess with the crystal ball is probably reliable, let's consider the facts surrounding Bill Malloy's disappearance. According to Joe, Mrs. Johnson hadn't seen Bill Malloy since 10:30 the night before, when he received an upsetting phone call, after which she left to spend the night with her daughter. She returned to the house to fix his breakfast at 6:30 am, but his bed looked like it hadn't been slept in. Liz started calling at 11:00, so he's unaccounted for between 10:30 and 11:00. Roger left the house just before 10:30, and even though it should only take 10 minutes to get to his office, he didn't arrive until 11:00. Liz found out he lied to her when he said he hadn't seen Malloy since early in the afternoon. Why would Roger lie?

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  1. The "Long Distance Call" comparison makes sense.
    Of course, to me, David somehow seems like a mixture of nearly ALL of Billy Mumy's spooky characters (in "Long Distance Call," and obviously in "It's A Good Life," but others as well), even if he's a very original character too.