Thursday, August 4, 2016

Episode 29 - 8/4/66

David is still missing. Liz tells Carolyn she loves David, who replies he's a horror. Liz says if anything happens to David, she'll never forgive Miss Winters.

Burke returns to his room, and runs into David. He invites him in. Burke offers to fix him a drink. When he steps out, David hides the valve under the couch cushion.

In the drawing room, Liz blames Vicki for David running away.

Back upstairs, Carolyn is sure David will return and everything will blow over.

Burke and David toast to his mother. Burke asks what he came to talk to him about. David says nothing. Burke works to befriend David.

Carolyn tells Liz that she's treating Vicki unfairly. Liz refuses to believe that David might try to kill his father. She also mentions how she might be tempted to kill her father for walking out on Liz before she was born. Liz suggests that Vicki is as much of a suspect as David, and then says she doesn't believe that. Maggie calls to ask if David made it home, and Liz sends Carolyn to town to look for him.

Liz goes upstairs and apologizes to Vicki.

David tells Burke how his father always hated him. And then he says he wishes his father was like Burke. Devlin asks why he came. David says he wanted to see what Burke looked like, as he often heard his parents talking about him. Burke agrees to take David home, but first sends him to wash up. While he does, Burke lifts the cushion and removes the valve.

Our thoughts

John: Man. If Liz is going to treat Vicki worse each episode, maybe she should leave.

Christine: I think she redeemed herself by being contrite and apologizing to Vicki, admitting she's been in denial. I expect it won't be the last we see of Liz behaving badly though.

John: Burke and David sure have an interesting chat. Which stirs up those thoughts about David's parentage. If he were truly Devlin's son, that might explain why Roger hates the kid so much.

Christine: It is quite sad that Burke acts more fatherly to David than Roger does. I wonder which of them might do the math and raise questions about paternity first.

John: For a second, I actually thought Liz was going to share her theory that Vicki tampered with Roger's car. I'd think at this point she's the least likely suspect in the house (okay, maybe his 'kitten' too).

Christine: Elizabeth loves David and would rather believe that anyone else were responsible but him. I think she would have blamed the Collinwood ghosts next, but it seemed by episode's end that she had come to terms with the fact that David was the culprit. I wonder how Roger will respond when he finds out, especially if he finds out from Burke. More from today's episode:

"Fear that grips the heart of a woman, who suspects a truth she cannot bear to face."

Liz and Carolyn wait for news on David's whereabouts.

Davey and Burke have good times making up jokes about devil Devlin.

David's been found and Roger didn't bother to call and tell Liz, so Maggie had to.

Time to get Davey home before the storm hits.

Something about that last shot recalls this one. They're coming to get you, Davey.

We hear a bit of history from Bob Lloyd who announces, "Share the color and pageantry of Luci Johnson's wedding day as ABC News brings you live color coverage starting Saturday morning at 11:30/10:30 central time on ABC." Luci was a daughter of President Lyndon B. Johnson. Her wedding was viewed on TV by 55 million people.

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