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Episode 44 - 8/25/66

Carolyn arrives at the Blue Whale to find a nearly drunk Bill Malloy. They discuss how she had been in Bangor with Burke Devlin. Bill explains that Joe mentioned it, and that he wasn't spying on her.

Liz tries unsuccessfully to reach Ned Calder on the phone. A knock at the door signals the arrival of John Harris, Liz' banker. They've known each other a long time, but haven't seen each other in years. Liz is setting up a trust fund for David. John asks if Bill Malloy is giving her headaches. He says he's no Ned Calder. Malloy hasn't been able to take his place, and Roger is no good to run the company. John says she needs Ned Calder back. Liz says John sounds like Ned - right after he asked her to marry him. The phone rings and it's Ned Calder. She asks if he'll return, and she explains that she hasn't changed her mind 'about that.' From the sound of it, Ned isn't coming back without a promise of marriage. Setting up the trust fund ties up Liz' liquid assets. John explained that the demand notes for her loans could be called in at any time—for example if someone tried to take over control of the company. He says someone in New York was asking about buying up demand notes.

Carolyn returns home and Liz asks if she met with Burke Devlin. Liz tells Carolyn she doesn't want her to have anything to do with Burke Devlin. Bill Malloy then shows up and tells Liz he has something to say about Roger. She says if it's about Roger at work, he's going to try harder. Bill says he's no Ned Calder. Bill then says Burke came back to Collinsport to prove his innocence in the accident.  Liz says if Burke wasn't driving the car that hit the man 10 years ago, then Roger was. Liz says Burke had a fair trial and was found guilty. Bill asks if she would want to hear about evidence not introduced in the trial.

Carolyn keeps John company while Liz and Bill talk. She asks him if he knew Burke Devlin. They talk about finances, Burke's money, and Carolyn mentioned meeting Burke's 'banker' James Blair. John tells Liz that Blair was the man who asked about the demand notes. When Bill hears this, he says he may have to go against Liz' wishes for the first time. He storms out.

In the Blue Whale, Bill calls Roger and tells him they need to meet, and if Roger refuses, he'll have no choice but to go to the police.

Our thoughts

John: So adding to Carolyn's growing list of affectionate nicknames, 'Princess' is what Bill Malloy calls her. Now can someone tell me why she stopped into the Blue Whale if not for a drink?

Christine: She wanted to show off the new haircut she got in Bangor. Also, it's her favorite hangout.

John: Ned Calder was after Liz, too? Holy smokes!

Christine: Was it before Malloy and Stoddard, in between or after? Liz is a hot property.

John: The jig is up! Burke Devlin's scheme is now out in the open, but perhaps more importantly, Bill thinks he knows what happened 10 years ago, and he seems to know that Burke was innocent.  Tomorrow's episode should be pretty exciting!

Christine: Definitely looking forward to the Friday bombshell.

The alcohol continues to flow freely on DS. Don't try this at home, kids.
This is Patrick McVey's only appearance as John Harris. He appeared in many popular TV shows in the 50s and 60s. You may also recognize him as Sergeant Flamm in North by Northwest.

Carolyn is having a good day after her lunch date with Burke in yesterday's episode.

While John Harris wishes he could handle Burke's bank account, Carolyn does a tongue twirl.

We can only speculate what this is all about.

Perhaps she had french fry grease still on her lips from lunch.

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