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Episode 27 - 8/2/66

Vicki searches for David. Carolyn comes home and is shocked when Vicki claims he tried to commit murder. She explains she found the valve, and when she went to show Liz, it was gone, and so was David.

In Bangor, Burke meets with Bronson. Burke reminds Bronson that the Collins family can't connect them. Bronson hands over financial papers on the Collins family, including the debt structure.

Vicki and Carolyn search the house for David. Vicki heard a noise behind the locked door. Elizabeth comes out of the closed wing. In Vicki's room, Carolyn uses another key to open Vicki's dresser. Carolyn picks up a copy of the magazine that David had been reading and is shocked to find an article on disassembling a master brake cylinder.

Burke finishes the paperwork, and says that it doesn't go far enough. Bronson explains that they can buy up the notes and call them in. Burke tells Bronson he wants to hit the Collins family so hard they'll wish they never heard of him.  Burke asks about the information on the rival cannery in town, and they discover it's not in the paperwork. It's possible Bronson's secretary mailed it to Devlin. Burke is not happy with the thought of something coming to him that will connect him with Bronson.

Liz calls Roger to tell him David is missing, but does not mention the valve. Carolyn asks why, and Liz says she needs to be sure.

Burke calls the hotel to see if any mail has arrived for him. It hadn't, but the sheriff had served a search warrant. And that a little boy was caught trying to sneak into his room.

Our thoughts

John: I will assume that Carolyn's smiling while describing David tampering with the car was unintentional.

Christine: It's like when Vicki was smiling about David asking if she ever tried to kill someone. It could be one of those times when an actor is trying hard not to smile or giggle when he/she shouldn't be. Liz is so desperate to believe that David is not responsible for attempted patricide that she's willing to act suspicious of Vicki, no matter how unreasonable it is to think Vicki would have tampered with Roger's brakes, or had any reason to want to kill him to begin with.

John: Burke's plans to get back at the Collins family are now pretty clear, although I don't get why he's so worried about anyone finding a link between he and Bronson. It's not that Bronson is doing anything illegal.

Christine: Perhaps he's trying to keep it under wraps until he's completely screwed over the Collins family, just in case they might be able to do something to prevent him if they knew what he was up to. As he tells Bronson, "when you're planning a surprise party, it spoils the fun if the guests know about it in advance."

John: So David has gone into town, and was caught breaking into Burke's room. The burning question is, did he get a chance to plant the valve before he was caught?

Christine: I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow. They seem to find a way to keep us watching.

You'll be relieved to know Isaac Collins has been located and has found a new home, hanging just to the left of Jeremiah Collins, who remains over the mantle. Nobody moves Jeremiah's portrait around the room. Isaac Collins only established the town of Collinsport, the fishing fleet, and is responsible for the Collins' family fortune, but somehow doesn't merit a permanent hanging place. At any rate, we know he is safe...for now. Let's be vigilant.

This is Barnard Hughes' only appearance as Stuart Bronson. He was a successful character actor and played in such series as The Phil Silvers Show, Route 66, Naked City, All in the Family and The Bob Newhart Show, though John might remember him fondly as Grandpa from The Lost Boys. 

(The man who taught us if you read the TV Guide, you don't need TV! --John)

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  1. Barnard Hughes was just about a giant among character actors. One big thing to watch partly for him is the movie COLD TURKEY, where instead of being low-key, he gets to act all over the place in a very funny way.