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Episode 38 - 8/17/66

Vicki explores the basement, where Matthew finds her. He points her to where she can find books to read and confirms they're not behind the locked door. She asks Matthew about the crying woman, and Matthew says it's Josette Collins. Matthew suggests if she hears that crying, she should stay in her room.

In the diner, Burke is reading The Count of Monte Cristo when Carolyn walks in. She joins him for coffee and a doughnut. Carolyn spells out the similarities between the Dumas novel and Burke's return to Collinsport.

Liz tells Matthew that Burke wasn't responsible for Roger's accident. She says that Matthew himself was. He denies it, and she says she knows it's not true, but since it's what she told the police, it needs to be his story, too. He agrees to it. He then tells Liz that Vicki is snooping around in the basement.

In the basement, Liz confronts Vicki. She shows her where to find the books she's looking for, and tells Vicki there's no one crying behind the door.

Carolyn offers to show Burke around Collinsport. He says he'll have to take a rain check. He has to pose for his portrait, and also has a business meeting. Carolyn offers to go with him to his meeting in Bangor, but he explains it's private business. She not so subtly drops a ring as she's leaving.

Vicki tells Liz about the call from Ned Calder from the night before. 

Matthew arrives at the diner for a cup of coffee. When Burke speaks to him, he threatens to kill Burke if he does anything to harm Elizabeth.

Back at Collinwood, Carolyn tells Vicki that if the phone rings, it will be for her, and that it might mean a trip to Bangor. Vicki asks Carolyn about the crying woman, and Carolyn says it's a ghost. Elizabeth, who is downstairs in the foyer, hears this.

Liz offers Vicki the key to the storeroom in the basement so she can check for herself what's down there. Vicki decides that it's not necessary. 

Our thoughts

John: So yesterday's shooting schedule mystery was solved. They didn't skip shooting on 8/2/66, they shot episodes 37 and 38 out of order (presumably due to someone's schedule or availability).

Christine: Well at least one mystery has been solved.

John: It may be a coincidence, but now I'm curious if the version of the house they show during Vicki's opening monologue always ties in to what time of day it's supposed to be at the start of the episode. It's been the night shot for quite some time now, and today we have the daytime shot.

Christine: I never made the connection, but it makes sense. We have 1187 more episodes to confirm your observation.

John: Just like that, we've got a new Matthew. There was no V.O. announcement this time, so it's not yet clear if this is a permanent change.

Christine: Oh ho! That's Thayer David sporting the scruffy eyebrows and sooty make-up beard. It's definitely a permanent change, though it may not have been decided at the time of taping, as we won't see him again until Episode 51. You may have seen him before as Count Saknussemm in Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959). He tells Elizabeth that Vicki was down in the basement looking for "who knows what" when he knew quite well she was looking for the Rover Boys books. Sounds like he's trying to stir up trouble for Vicki. Perhaps he's holding a grudge against her for deceiving him in Episode 13. There's a moment of déjà vu when he grabs her in the basement:

John: Carolyn is really putting the moves on Burke; a full court press in this particular episode, but he manages to keep her at bay.

Christine: After the little snit-fit she threw in Episode 35, we can expect this won't end well. Burke's only interest in her is to use her in his plot against the Collins family. What is up with Vicki that she couldn't take the key from Liz and go see for herself what is down in the basement? Now we'll have to wait to find out.

Maggie is still on an extended break from the diner, but it looks like folks are finally getting service again from Suzie, the waitress with no lines.
Isaac's portrait is still missing, but the globe lamp behind Liz is back in its place, most likely because this episode was taped prior to yesterday's episode when the lamp was replaced by a vase. Will we ever see Isaac Collins again? Here is a retrospective, which will be more poignant if you play this song while viewing:

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