Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Episode 33 - 8/10/66

Liz is sitting in the drawing room in the dark when Carolyn returns home. She rather unconvincingly says she's fine. Carolyn asks if David admitted to tampering with the car. Liz asks if Carolyn told anyone why David ran away, and then says she can't tell anyone. Carolyn suggests Liz and Roger owe Burke Devlin an apology.  Liz asks Carolyn not to trust Burke Devlin. Carolyn says she's not planning to run off with Burke, but then admits he hasn't asked her. She also confirms she doesn't want to marry Joe.


A drunk Joe is having a conversation with his empty glass in the Blue Whale when Burke shows up. Joe suggests Burke is trying to steal his girl, and Burke denies it. He asks what's eating Joe. Joe says his partner's wife is going to have a baby, which puts an end to their plans of buying a boat together. Burke says his offer still stands.

Liz and Carolyn drink tea. Carolyn is shocked to hear that David isn't going to be sent away.

Carolyn drops in on Vicki to see how she survived all the excitement. Vicki asks if she can borrow Carolyn's car tonight.

Back in the Blue Whale, Joe blames his unhappiness on the Collins family. When he goes for another drink, Burke suggests he's had enough.

Joe arrives at Collinwood and demands to see Carolyn. He tries to force his way upstairs when Carolyn comes down. The converge in the drawing room and Joe starts to go off on Carolyn. And then Liz. And then he passes out in a chair.

Back at the Blue Whale, Burke is surprised to see Vicki arrive. He asks if she's looking for someone, and she explains she found the person she was looking for.

Our thoughts

John: Nice dig from Carolyn when she tells her mother, who is defending David, "I'm sure Jack the Ripper had an aunt."

Christine: That was a good one. Liz is just as fond of David as Roger is of Carolyn, but in a less creepy way.

John: Liz will do anything to keep David in the house, and anything to send Carolyn away. We know why David is not fit to live outside Collinwood, but we've yet to hear why Carolyn is too good for it.

Christine: You do realize that Carolyn and Liz have been living alone together at Collinwood for the past 18 years. Roger and David only turned up two months ago and Carolyn has already developed an unusual attraction to Uncle Roger. Plus she's a teenager, which would be enough for Liz to want Carolyn out, however, I think she is just afraid that Carolyn will end up like her if she stays at Collinwood, and she wants a better life for her.

John: Is it my imagination, or did we hear a new song on the Blue Whale Juke Box today?

Christine: Since you have asked, I will share what my research has turned up. There are four tunes currently available from the Robert Cobert Orchestra on the Blue Whale Juke Box and we get to hear snippets from them all today. We heard the most popular tune, "Med. Slow Blue Whale" when we first see drunken Joe. After Burke joined him we heard "Slow Juke Box - Blue Whale," and then Joe played "Slow Blue Whale" on the juke box just before he left. "Fast Blue Whale" is playing when Vicki meets with Burke at the end. The slower tunes have each only played once before, so they are relatively new.

John: I thought today might be the day that Joe and Burke would finally throw down. Instead, Joe storms off, drunk and angry. Or 'potted', as Carolyn would say.

Christine: He did promise to punch Burke in the mouth some day and he's the kind of guy who keeps his promises. He couldn't have hit the mark in his condition today. Liz may be rethinking Joe as a potential husband for Carolyn, though he's probably still preferable to having Burke for a son-in-law.

Cheers. Here's to getting you truly potted, Joe.

Burke: "I'm not interested in stealing anybody's girl." Joe: "Hah!"

Liz: "If you can still drive, I suggest that you leave." Good luck making it safely down the hill.

Carolyn knows she does not want to marry Joe.

Gawky teens dancing to "Slow Juke Box - Blue Whale."

More ungainly dancing to "Slow Blue Whale."

Camera zooms in gratuitously as Burke looks on. An attempt to boost ratings on DS?

Harvey Keitel in his second television appearance:
"Just because you are a character doesn't mean that you have character.” -Pulp Fiction


  1. I'm just glad you wrote "gawky teens dancing" instead of "gawky WHITE teens dancing." As much as I like "riff the movie" type shows like MST3K, they really O.D. on those "dorky white kid" jokes any given time you see a teenage get-together scene in a movie.

  2. I believe one of those "gawky teens" is a young Harvey Keitel, at least according to IMDB

  3. Thanks for the tip, Kevin! We've added a new screenshot above.