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Dark Shadows Episode 738 - 4/23/69

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Laura fears she's going to die. Dirk comes into her room. He says he doesn't understand why he's speaking foreign words. She says he has the power to save her, and he says he won't let her die. She tells him to look deep into his soul and he'll know what to do. She passes out. He sits her up, and says a few Egyptian words. She wakes and says he does have the power to restore her with the flame of eternal life. He says he doesn't want to lose her. She begs for him not to let her die.

Charity returns Jamison to Collinwood. Quentin is pleased to see him. Jamison says he must go to his mother. Quentin explains that she's sleeping. He says he dreamed she was dead, and must see her. Quentin tells him to wake someone up to fix him some tea. Jamison runs off to do that.

Quentin tells Charity that sometimes dreams provide a painful truth. He explains that there is something wrong with Jamison's mother. He asks her to help show Jamison that there are people in the world who care for him. She says he's lucky to have Quentin. He explains that he's committed all the sins that she's just read about. He says through Jamison, he has a second chance at redemption. She tells him he's not wicked. Quentin says that Laura may already be dead. From the top of the stairs, Laura laughs and tells Quentin that she never felt better.

Charity is surprised, saying Quentin said she was ill. Laura explains to Charity that there's nothing wrong with her. Jamison comes in and tells her that he had a horrible dream about her. She takes him into the drawing room to talk.

In the foyer, Quentin scolds Charity for interfering, and then apologizes. He notices she's transfixed by the portrait of Barnabas. She walks away from Quentin.

Jamison tells his mother that he wants her to stay. She says someone in the house wants to hurt her. He says he'll one day be master of the house, and no one will hurt her. He adds that Quentin will help her if he asks. She tells him to get dressed for bed and then to come to her room.

Barnabas is writing a letter when Charity comes to the old house. She says she's ashamed to come, but she couldn't stay away. She fills him in on events at the school. She adds that the fire gave her an excuse to come to him. She asks him for a mirror. He asks why, and she says that in his world, she feels beautiful. He tells her to look into his eyes to see that.

Laura tells Dirk to ask Ra for the Scarab, which she needs to protect herself. He doesn't know how. She says he will summon it from the flames. Dirk goes Egyptian 101, and sees a Scarab in the fire.

Laura picks it up as Jamison knocks on her door. He's surprised she's not alone. He dismisses Dirk. After he leaves, she asks why he treated Dirk that way. Jamison says Quentin taught him that servants must know their place. She tells Jamison that Quentin is the one who wants to hurt her.

Barnabas says he'll take Charity back to Collinwood. She says she used to like Tim, but now she feels compelled to do anything Barnabas wants in order to be happy. She asks him to make her happy, and he says he will, before biting her.

Jamison comes downstairs. Quentin asks him what's wrong. Jamison points out that when he's master of the house, people will have to do what he says, including Quentin. He tells Quentin to get out of his sight, because he hates him. Quentin is confused. He asks Jamison why he feels this way. Jamison tells him that his mother says Quentin hurt her. Quentin tries to explain things to Jamison.

Laura comes downstairs and offers to take Jamison to bed. Quentin says they need to talk. She sends Jamison upstairs, assuring him that she'll be safe. They go into the drawing room. Quentin suggests that he has befriended Jamison because of the way his mother and father behave. Laura digs in to Quentin, and as the argument escalates, Dirk comes in and starts to fight Quentin. Laura calls him off. Quentin sees what's going on between them and leaves.

Dirk starts to make a move on Laura when Barnabas arrives with Charity. Laura introduces herself to Barnabas. He compliments her beauty, but behaves strangely. Laura goes upstairs. Charity asks what's wrong. Barnabas says that woman has been dead for over 100 years.

Our thoughts

John: I have a hunch the Egyptology foundation for Laura's existence is going to remain pretty thin. Aside from using a few words and naming a few Egyptian gods, I'm guessing the writers aren't exactly well studied on the material...

Christine: They know enough to include scarabs and the supreme god Amun-Ra, but I suspect they don't want to overwhelm the audience with too much Egyptian mythology. I was disappointed that Dirk didn't invoke Imhotep from The Mummy as I was hoping he would do.

John: The Quentin/Laura dynamic is pretty heated. I have to say, Quentin does his best work when he's either playing a mute zombie or when in the midst of a heated argument.

Christine: He is so good at being bad. It's easy to see that these two still feel passionately about one another. His dig about her cavorting with the hired help serves to demonstrate how jealous he truly is.  Dirk giving Laura the 'flame of eternal life' offscreen would seem to imply it was part of some intimate ritual that is better kept out of our imaginations. His touchy feely familiarity with her in the drawing room would seem to confirm that suspicion.

John: So Barnabas knew the previous incarnation of Laura Collins! I wonder if we'll get another 1790s flashback to find out more about their relationship.

Christine: I do hope we'll get to visit Laura in another time period after this one. I have to wonder why she does not recognize Barnabas as he recognizes her. Only time will tell.

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Grant said...

I haven't seen this episode in a long while, but the idea of David Henesy dismissing Dirk and reminding someone else he'll be master of the house soon (presumably in a haughty way) reminds me of that very good actor who played Victor as a teenager in CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN.