Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 737 - 4/22/69

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Quentin searches the garden for the urn. He finds Laura's bracelet near a sculpture. He picks up the top of it and finds the urn. He explains that it's a very valuable and precious thing, for it contains a flame capable of giving life. He adds that if it is snuffed out, a life will be snuffed out with it. He wonders how it will happen, and says they'll know soon enough. He pours sand onto the flame and says goodbye to Laura.

In Collinwood, Laura squirms in agony. Judith comes downstairs and asks her what's wrong. Laura asks for some tea. When Judith goes to get it, Laura leaves, leaving the front door open. Quentin comes in and Judith asks if he saw Laura. She explains that Laura is very ill, and Quentin says she might just be melodramatic. He refuses to go out looking for her. He asks why Judith has had a change of heart about Laura. Judith says she's a human being, and Quentin calls that into question. Judith points out that Laura went into a burning building to save her child, something he would never do. Judith calls a doctor, and Quentin whispers that what she needs is an undertaker.

Laura goes to the hiding place for the urn and finds it missing. Dirk finds her and asks if she's okay. She grabs him, telling him that she's terribly cold. He says he has to take her back to Collinwood. She tells him he's lucky to have found her, as she'll be the one. He doesn't understand what she's saying. She says he'll come to her when she needs him.

Dirk brings Laura into Collinwod. Quentin tells her that Judith has called a doctor, and offers to take her upstairs. Judith asks Dirk go into the drawing room. He says he thinks Laura is delirious. She thanks him for bringing her back.

Quentin helps Laura into her room, and onto her bed. He tells her to lie there and rest until the doctor arrives. He asks her how she feels. She says he already knows. She accuses him of doing this to her, and he feigns ignorance. She says he's trying to kill her. He asks if she can prove it. She tells him that he'll pay for this. He suggests that she doesn't have much time left. He brings up the other day in the cottage when they both thought he was dying, and she refused to help him. He intends to return the favor. He leans down, kisses her, and tells her goodbye before leaving her alone to die.

Dirk asks Judith if the doctor came to see Laura, and she says that he did, but he doesn't know what's wrong with her. She sends him to do his rounds.

Laura gets up and approaches the fireplace. She begs her master for help. She asks him to appear to her in human form through Dirk. She pleas for him to possess Dirk.

Dirk returns from doing his rounds, and prepares to put out the fire in the drawing room fireplace. He stops, seemingly transfixed by something. He begins speaking Egyptian.

Dirk finds Laura passed out on the floor in her room. He picks her up and puts her on her bed. He doesn't understand why he's speaking foreign words. She says he has the power to save her, and he says he won't let her die. She tells him to look deep into his soul and he'll know what to do. She passes out. He sits her up, and she says that he does have the power to restore her with the flame of eternal life. He says he doesn't want to lose her. She begs for him not to let her die.

Our thoughts

John: Apparently Laura went to the same school of controlling vulnerable men that Angelique did. Still looking forward to the meeting of those two.

Christine: Or you could say that Angelique went to the same school of manipulation as Laura, since she came first.

John: I did enjoy Quentin's toying with Laura as she withered away, though I'm a little disappointed that snuffing out her flame of life didn't have a more immediate effect on her.

Christine: It was pretty gross the way he smooched on her, but oh so fun to watch him take delight in her suffering. I'm sure that won't go unpunished once she recovers.

John: Dirk isn't always the most eloquent when speaking English—but an Egyptian Pharaoh he is not!

Christine: It was a weak possession indeed. I suspect he will have to sacrifice himself to give her the flame of eternal life. That should be fun to watch.


Paul Haney said...

Just a little nitpick...at the start of your episode recap, Magda does not appear in this episode. It's just Quentin redoing the "fire snuffing" scene from the end of the previous episode.

John Scoleri said...

Good catch! That was a carry over from the description of last episode's finale. Corrected!