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Episode 173 - 2/22/67

Laura says everyone's against her but Roger. She wants Burke to convince David to go away with her.

David finds Vicki arranging flowers that Dr. Guthrie sent her. He tells her that he heard about the seance from Mrs. Johnson. He tells Vicki that Josette is his friend, and he should have been there. He leaves to go play alone.

Laura tells Burke now is the time to act with David. She tells Burke she doesn't have time—she has to get David while Liz was in the hospital, and it was hard enough to arrange that. Burke asks what she means by that, and she tells him that she means it was hard to convince anyone to send Liz to a hospital. She urges Burke to go looking for David right away. He seems to know something's up, but he agrees.

Burke finds David at the fishing shack. He tells David they should rent a boat and go fishing. Burke says he'll ask Vicki if they can do that. Burke offers to give David his fishing jacket. He tells David that he can see he doesn't have much fun around here. He asks him about his mother. David tells him that he used to love her, but when she came back, she scared him. He is fine with her now, but he still remembers that he was afraid of her. Burke tells him he should take a trip with her. David says he can't leave Collinwood forever. Burke tells him to think it over.

Vicki finds Burke and David in the fishing shack. She tells David she was worried about him. David tells Burke to ask about their trip, and Burke explains they want to go fishing. Vicki tells him that maybe they can do that in the Spring, but not in the cold winter weather. David leaves, saying he's going to his mother's cottage. Burke asks how Vicki's doing. He says he heard about last night. He says that since he saved her life once, he feels like he has an investment in her. She says that with him, everything boils down to business. She mentions before blacking out, she felt as if she was burning alive. Burke asks her what Guthrie is up to. Vicki tells him that this is a special case. He asks why there's so much opposition to Laura. Vicki explains that it was Liz's wish. She also says that there have been a lot of strange things surrounding Laura.

Laura sits in front of the fire in a trance when David walks in on her. She invites him to sit by her in front of the fire. He tells her that Burke offered to take him on a fishing trip, but he doesn't think they'll let him go. She says she'd let him. He also says Burke suggested that he go away with her, and he tells her he'll think about it. He asks her to tell him about the seance. She says that he mustn't believe anything they say about her. Burke walks in and suggests David get home before dark.

David leaves, and Laura tells Burke that with David coming and going, he shouldn't come around any more. He says he just talked to Vicki about her. He says if Laura explained a few things, they'd probably let her take David away. Laura lists all of the strange things they're concerned with, and says she'd have to be a superwoman to be responsible for all of those things. She begins to flirt with Burke, and it doesn't initially work, but she tells him to think only of her, and it appears he might be under her spell.

Our thoughts

John: Mrs. Johnson should get in trouble for telling David about the seance, but I'm guessing that will be long forgotten by the next time we see her.

Christine: Mrs. Johnson gets away with quite a bit, which is what makes her a great housekeeper for Collinwood.

John: We get a new location today—the old fishing shack. Since they went to so much trouble, I have a hunch we'll be back pretty soon.

Christine: They went to a lot of trouble to put together the shack Vicki and Roger were trapped in during the storm in Episode 96 and we haven't been back there yet...unless the fishing shack was repurposed from that storm shack.

John: I'm getting tired of Burke being oblivious to being manipulated by Laura. I'd like for once that he at least recognize that she's somehow overpowering him.

Christine: I guess if she can entrance Liz, she can do the same to Burke. When he turns away from her at the end, it looks like he's appealing to the viewers to help him out of his predicament.

Please save me from the writers who have taken away my self respect.

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