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Episode 168 - 2/15/67

Burke stops by the cottage to see Laura. She initially refuses to let him in. He says he has something urgent to tell her, and she lets him in. Burke asks her why Dr. Guthrie is asking so many questions about her. He tells her that Guthrie spoke to Sam Evans about Laura, and his painting of her. Burke thinks Guthrie is a detective, investigating the dead body in Phoenix. Laura blames everyone being suspicious of her on Burke, because he told them that Liz saw her before she fell ill. Burke kisses her before leaving.

Dr. Guthrie finds Sam in The Blue Whale, indulging in his favorite hobby. Guthrie explains that he's there to meet Burke Devlin, who called and asked to meet with him. Guthrie asks Sam how he burnt his hands, and Sam replies that he didn't burn his hands—Laura Collins did. Sam tells him how Laura threatened him if he didn't stop painting. Later that night, he had a dream of her, and he awoke surrounded by flames. He reiterates that Laura made it happen. Guthrie says that the pieces are starting to fit together, when Burke arrives.

Burke and Guthrie retire to a table. Guthrie asks Burke what happened between Mrs. Stoddard and Laura. Burke says his questions are suspicious, if Guthrie is in fact a doctor. He tells him that he plans to have him investigated, and Guthrie tells him to go right ahead. Burke explains that he was just leaving as Liz arrived, so he doesn't know what transpired after he left.

Guthrie arrives at the cottage to see Laura. He asks her about Liz' state of mind the last time they saw each other. Laura says there was nothing unusual. He prepares to leave, and then asks if she would accept his invitation to a seance at Collinwood. He says he wants to try and contact Josette Collins, as he believes she might have something to say. Laura declines his invitation, and as he leaves, he asks her to reconsider. 

Our thoughts

John: I'm always disappointed when Burke is with Laura, as he withers from the strong character he's been from the beginning. I would like to find out more about his and Laura's relationship, pre-Roger, as well as the accident, but that seems to have been placed on the back burner by the writers.

Christine: What more is there to know about that relationship? She dumped him for a more lucrative offer and then lied to get him convicted of a crime he didn't commit. It does seem uncharacteristic for him to be willing to forgive her betrayal and allow himself to become distracted from his single minded purpose of proving that Roger was the guilty party in the accident.

John: Nice to see happy drunk Sam for a change, after what seems like a long stretch of belligerent drunk Sam. Guthrie has no problem getting Sam to accuse Laura of being the one responsible for his burnt hands, and Guthrie is probably the first one not to dismiss the claim outright.

Christine: It's early in the evening and he hasn't yet had enough drinks for belligerent Sam to materialize.

John: Dr. Guthrie continues to ride around Collinwood like the new sheriff. Can't wait to see who all he can assemble for the seance!

Christine: I like how well he stands up to Roger and Burke. Laura looks pretty unsettled by the thought of Josette being raised to communicate with the Collins family.

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