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Episode 163 - 2/8/67

David watches as the portrait of Josette changes to a portrait of he and his mother. Guthrie calls to him and as he enters, the painting returns to the portrait of Josette. David describes the portrait of he and his mother to Guthrie.

Roger and Laura talk in her cottage. Roger admits that he has little say over what goes on in the house. Laura tells him they need to get around Vicki. Laura says she just needs one night alone with David, and then Roger will never be bothered by him again. Their failed marriage comes up, and Laura tells Roger he only wanted her because Burke did, and it's the only time he ever beat Burke. He asks why she wanted him, and she basically says she thought she might like the life that he could provide.

David bursts in on them and lets them know he saw his painting in the old house. Roger goes to give Guthrie a piece of his mind, and as he's leaving Laura reminds him to deal with the issue they discussed. David tells her that the painting had him in it too. Laura tells David she wants him not only to stay overnight, but always. She describes taking him to the desert, and he says he'd miss Collinwood and his aunt. He also asks what would happen with Vicki. She says Vicki will be fine. She asks him to tell her about Dr. Guthrie.

In the old house, Guthrie stands beneath the portrait of Josette when Roger walks in on him. Roger tells him to stay away from David.

Laura gazes into the fire when Dr. Guthrie knocks on the door. She lets him in and they discuss David. He asks if she believes in ghosts. She says events of the past can be haunting enough. She then talks about Roger and describes how Liz didn't think Laura was good enough to be a Collins. Guthrie starts to probe Laura on Liz's illness, and the existence of other worlds...

Our thoughts

John: Why did Guthrie have trouble finding David when he hadn't moved from in front of the portrait?

Christine: I would think he would try to sneak in and see if Josette was visiting with David rather than calling out and announcing himself. Josette showed David the portrait of his mother in flames with him in it, in response to his question about leaving with her. While the portrait made him uneasy and reluctant to be around his mother when he had it hanging in his room, it did not seem to provide the same effect now. She may need to be a little more direct in responding to his question.

John: We got more interesting glimpses into Roger and Laura's relationship. I was amused that the normally tough-talking Roger had his tail between his legs for the entirety of their brief meeting.

Christine: It was funny to hear him whine about being treated like a poor relation, when that's pretty much what he is. Laura says she only needs one night alone with David to make him belong to her completely. David may be in trouble soon.

John: As soon as he meets her, Guthrie starts putting his moves on Laura by telling her what a babe she is. And then he sits and gives her creepy looks throughout their conversation.

Christine: I think that's just how he looks. I love how she describes Roger as being a bigger baby than David. Both Laura and Dr. Guthrie have made mention of David growing up in Collinwood, but those of us tuning in from the beginning are aware that he and his father have only recently arrived at Collinwood. I wonder if it's an attempt to change the narrative or an oversight on the part of the writers. 

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