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Episode 162 - 2/7/67

Guthrie arrives and asks about Mrs. Stoddard. Vicki confirms that Liz's condition hasn't changed. Vicki asks if he thinks she should keep David away from Laura, and he says that an unseen force put Mrs. Stoddard into a trance, and there seems to be friction with Laura, so he suggests keeping David away from her. He then brings up what she and Frank found at the crypt. He asks her to describe her compulsion to go to the crypt. She describes seeing Josette, and also the smell of jasmine she associates with her presence.

Laura asks David if he'd like to stay overnight with her. He asks if he can build the fire and she says of course. She asks him about going away with her, and he indicates that he'd miss Collinwood.

David returns home and meets Guthrie, who talks to David about the ghosts he's seen. David mentions seeing Bill Malloy's ghost, which was scary, and Josette's, who is not scary. He offers to take Guthrie to the old house to see Josette's ghost. Vicki returns and tells David that after they go to the old house, he has to do his schoolwork. David tells her that he's going to spend the night with his mother, and there's nothing Vicki can do about it.

David gives Guthrie a tour of the old house, and shows him the portrait of Josette Collins. He mentions smelling a perfume when Josette is nearby. He tells him that he needs to ask Josette if he should leave Collinwood with his mother.

Vicki visits Laura in the cottage. She says that she's concerned about David falling behind in his schoolwork. Laura explains that she'll make sure David does his schoolwork when he stays with her. Laura asks Vicki if she's trying to keep David from her. Vicki explains how she was instructed to do so by Liz. Laura threatens Vicki if she comes between her and David.

Guthrie suggests that Josette doesn't look like she's going to appear. David explains that she only shows up when people are alone in the house. Guthrie leaves David, who asks the portrait if he should leave with his mother. David smells jasmine, and Josette's portrait changes to the picture of Laura and he in flames.

Our thoughts

John: I think we can start calling Robert Cobert's theme for Josette's ghost the Jasmine theme from now on.

Christine: Josette's perfume is an interesting detail introduced as the show has moved more toward the supernatural. None of the characters recognized the scent of jasmine with Josette's first appearances. It also helps to note her presence when she's not manifesting.

John: It will be interesting to see how Vicki reacts to being threatened by Laura. Particularly if she buys into Guthrie's theory about Laura's involvement in Liz's condition.

Christine: She seemed rather taken aback to hear the threat from Laura, when she should truly be alarmed. Can you imagine what would happen if Laura should manage to provide David with powers of the phoenix?

John: This Guthrie is an interesting character. With all the supernatural activity in and around Collinwood, you'd think he might consider moving to town.

Christine: I like Peter Guthrie. It would be cool if he set up a paranormal consultation business in Collinsport. He could call it 'Peter's Paranormal Problem Solving Service'. It might make a good spinoff show.

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