Monday, February 6, 2017

Episode 161 - 2/6/67

Carolyn tells Vicki that she shouldn't have let them take her mother to the hospital. Carolyn suggests that her mother might die, and Vicki tries to get her to think positively. Dr. Guthrie joins them and comments on how nice it is to start the day with two beautiful smiles. He starts babbling on with ESP mumbo jumbo. He blames her condition on the atmosphere of the house.

Roger comes downstairs. He finds Carolyn and asks to speak to her in the drawing room. He asks what's going on, and she tells him nothing is going on. He wants to know why she changed her mind about moving her mother out of the house. She said that Dr. Guthrie convinced her. Roger asks what he's a doctor of. Roger wants to know what he's doing around Collinwood. He says he doesn't like the way Guthrie asks about Liz' state of mind. Carolyn tells her uncle that the doctor is in the house at her request. Roger says he does not want him there. Carolyn lays down the law and explains that it's her decision.

Vicki and Guthrie talk about what was upsetting Liz. Vicki explains how Liz was trying to prevent David from spending time with his mother. She then goes on to describe the old house as haunted by Josette Collins, and that she seems to protect David. Vicki then explains that she's seen Josette's ghost.

Carolyn tells Roger that Dr. Guthrie will stay on, despite Roger's protests. Roger asks how she thinks she'll enforce things. She explains that she doesn't want to fight with him, and that she'll be in charge until her mother gets back; of the house AND the business. Roger is not happy with her decisions, but its abundantly clear that she doesn't care.

Dr. Guthrie asks Roger if he can speak with him, and Roger says he hasn't got the time. Guthrie presses him, and Roger gets defensive. He says he has no intention on sharing details of his family with anyone. Vicki interrupts them, and Roger leaves. He says he'd like to go down to the old house with David.

Our thoughts

John: Carolyn in a ponytail! It's a brand new day in Collinwood.

Christine: She seems to be filling the role as head of the house quite naturally. Roger comments that now that her mother's gone, she's the only opponent worthy of him. Elizabeth's bed is hardly cold and the struggle for power at Collinwood is already on! Roger can't seem to decide if Carolyn is becoming more like him or more like her mother.

John: I understand why Guthrie might want to physically get Liz out of Collinwood, but if she's in a trance, what's the point of sending her to a hospital?

Christine: She appears to be catatonic, so will need to have intravenous fluids and nutrition. I wonder if Josette will present herself to Dr. Guthrie when he goes on his visit to the Old House with David.

John: Something tells me that Dr. Guthrie may not be long for the mortal plane. I'm wondering if Laura will do away with him before Roger does.

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  1. For a fictional parapsychologist, Dr. Guthrie has such a down-to-earth look about him. I'm sure plenty of non-fictional ones have that look, but in a story, you don't expect it as much.