Thursday, February 2, 2017

Episode 159 - 2/2/67

Vicki paces in the drawing room when there's a knock at the door. Frank arrives, and she tells him Liz is worse. She tells him she thinks her illness has something to do with Laura Collins. She tells Frank that she called him after Liz requested that she contact him. She said that she didn't want to leave Collinwood, despite the doctor's request. She also says that Liz told her to keep David away from his mother. Frank says that she can't, and Liz has no say in the matter. Frank offers to contact a professor familiar with the supernatural.

Laura and David return from running around the grounds. Laura invites David to sit by the fire. She tells him to poke the fire. He says his father doesn't let him play with the fire. She tells him to put another log on, and he does. They sit watching the roaring fire. She tells him that he can manage the fires all the time. She invites him to come by in the morning to light a new one. She invites him to spend the night with her.

Vicki catches David sneaking into the house. She asks where he was, and he says he was visiting his mother in the cottage. She tells him that his aunt is sick, and needs to go to the hospital. She says they need to focus on his studies, and start early. He explains that he was going to have breakfast with his mother. Vicki says his mother can come to the house for breakfast. David says he tended the fire for his mother, and that has Vicki concerned. David says Vicki is trying to keep him from his mother, and Laura walks in on them.

Vicki explains how David is behind in his studies. They send David up to bed, and Laura says she didn't realize that David was far behind in his studies. Vicki explains that she wasn't blaming Laura. Laura points out that she backed up Vicki with regard to David's lessons, and asks why Vicki hasn't backed her up. Vicki explains that she's doing what's best for David, and she's responsible to Mrs. Stoddard. Laura tells her that no matter what, she will get David.

Our thoughts

John: When Frank talks about strange phenomena, he appears to bump into the cameraman!

Christine: Quotable quote from Frank Garner while bumping cameraman: "I'm afraid there aren't many who can explain phenomenon extra sensory perception. And this place seems to be full of it."

John: Will Frank's supernatural expert arrive before Laura's lessons in playing with fire have consumed young David?

Christine: is it that Frank Garner happens to know a professor of parapsychology at Dartmouth? There must be more to the young lawyer than we suspected. I can't wait to meet Peter Guthrie.

John: Laura is zeroing in on Vicki. I would think Vicki would be pretty freaked out, considering what happened to Liz.

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