Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 633 - 11/27/68

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Blair begins performing a ritual to unite his spirit with Maggie's. He says she will dwell with him forever in the land of the dead.

Eve's body is on the operating table. Barnabas tells Julia that this will be the last time. Julia tells him they're at Blair's mercy. She asks who he thinks Blair will have found to provide the life force. Blair arrives and asks if everything is ready. Barnabas points out that Blair removed the stake from Tom Jennings' heart, and sent him to Collinwood. Blair says they've got things to do, and they don't have time to waste. Blair goes back upstairs, and Adam comes downstairs. Barnabas tells him he doesn't want him there. Blair returns and says Adam will stay. Maggie follows him down, says she wants to do this. Barnabas tells Julia to turn off the equipment. Blair touches Adam and makes his heart beat quickly. The same happens to Barnabas. Julia begs Maggie to make Blair stop, and when she refuses, Julia agrees to perform the experiment.

Blair takes Adam into his cell and tells him to sleep. Blair says he can make Adam stop breathing if they don't do what he says. Barnabas points out that Maggie will be in great pain, and may die. Maggie says she's ready, and gets up on the second operating table. Barnabas straps her down. Barnabas accuses Blair of having done something to Maggie, and he says that he has given her his love. Blair kisses Maggie on the forehead, and Julia has Barnabas throw the switch to start the experiment. Maggie moans, and then screams. Barnabas can't believe that Maggie loves Blair and is participating of her own free will. Julia asks him what the gauges read. Maggie continues to moan. Julia comes over and says the readings are too high. Maggie starts to scream that she's dying. Eve begins to move, and Barnabas turns off the switch.

Blair tries to keep him from moving with his power, but Barnabas destroys equipment. Blair screams that he will kill him and runs to Adam. Adam asks why Blair tried to hurt him. Barnabas asks where his powers are now. Blair runs away, and they find Eve's body is now a charred skeleton. Barnabas chases Blair. Adam realizes he has no one.

Julia pleads with Maggie to open her eyes. She then injects her with a hypodermic needle, and Maggie wakes up. Maggie asks where she is. She gets up, and when Julia calls her Maggie, she doesn't recognize her, or that name. Julia says that Nicholas brought her there. Maggie asks why, and where she is. Julia takes her upstairs. Adam covers up Eve's skeleton. He can't decide if he should be mad at Barnabas or Blair. He stomps upstairs.

Julia leads Maggie upstairs, and she asks her who lives in the house. Julia says Barnabas Collins, and then plays Josette's music box for her. Maggie says she doesn't know anyone named Josette.

Adam comes upstairs and leaves the house.

Blair is at Widows' Hill, begging for a chance to explain. He says he'll make a new woman for Adam. He explains that he just needs time. Barnabas hears Blair, who is then consumed in fire as he pleads that the experiment will work the next time. Barnabas smiles at the defeat of his foe.

Adam sneaks upstairs at Collinwood.

Our thoughts

John: Holy extra-crispy Eve, Batman! What a great episode. If only Diabolos had made an appearance - it would have been perfect.

Christine: Too bad they couldn't get Duane Morris today. It was disappointing to have Blair talk to an unresponsive Diabolos. Fortunately, Eve's dress fell off when she got cooked or we would not have been able to clearly identify the wonky skeletal bride standing in for her on the table today.

John: Blair finally gets his comeuppance. I'm sorry to see him go, as he was a powerful presence on the show. Of course, there's nothing like a strong character being torn down by his superior.

Christine: I'll miss Blair, though I expect Diabolos will grant Angelique her reward and she'll be back to witching Barnabas and wiping that silly grin off his face in no time.

John: If Maggie isn't Maggie, and Maggie isn't Josette... who the hell is she? I'm assuming she didn't get the spirit of Danielle Roget from Eve's corpse...

Christine: If Blair worked his magic right, she's one of the damned now, so she could be any number of evil people we haven't yet met. It was odd that Julia was trying to get her to remember her captivity as Josette.

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Unknown said...

John C., Houston TX: The Black Mass ritual sure changed Maggie's personality. She seems more evil now. Also, this is, what, the third time Maggie's memory has been wiped? Once she gets it back again she's going to more than just a little frustrated ("I hate it when that happens!").