Thursday, November 15, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 624 - 11/14/68

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Blair wonders where Eve must be when Adam comes in and says she's gone. Blair explains she was having trouble sleeping and went for a walk on the beach. Adam starts to go for her and Blair explains that he needs to realize she needs her space. He assures him that Eve will care for him, and tells him to go to his room. He does, and Blair declares that if she has run away he will destroy her.

He turns to see she has appeared in a chair behind him. He is surprised to see her. He asks where she has been, and she just says 'out.' He accuses her of having been with Jeff, and she denies it. He asks her about the book in her hands and she gives it to him, while retaining the letter. She hides it behind a clock while he reviews the history of the Collins family.

He asks her where she got it, and she says she found it when Adam took her to Collinwood. He asks her what she wants with it, and she says she's interested in the family. He accuses her of hiding something from him. He tells her Adam had better believe she loves him, whether she does or not. She agrees, and he asks why she's suddenly so cooperative. She explains she has no other choice.

Liz comes to check on Vicki, who is wearing her wedding dress. She tells her she looks radiant, and says she and Jeff will be very happy together.

Eve considers how Vicki's marriage will never take place. She looks at a package she has addressed to Vicki.

Adam is waiting for Eve when she returns home. He asks her where she goes when she goes for a walk. He says she always says she goes for walks, but never asks him to go with her. She explains that he can't be seen, since the police are looking for him.

He asks her if she's seeing someone else. She asks if he knows how she feels about him, and he says she hates him. She acts surprised, and says her outbursts have nothing to do with him.

She says she wants them to be together. They kiss, and Adam believes her.

Vicki asks Liz if she can borrow her car to go to town. She refers to Jeff as Peter, and freaks out about it. Liz tells her not to worry about it.

Eve apologizes to Adam for leaving him alone while she goes on her walks. He says he would leave too, if he could, and he wants her to do whatever pleases her. She wonders if Adam only knew how she really felt about him.

Adam tells Blair that Eve really loves him. He asks if Blair is responsible, and he denies it. He says if Eve has come to love him, she has done so on her own, as he told him she would. Adam tells him he's never been so happy, and goes upstairs. Eve comes in and asks Blair if he's satisfied. She says she's cooperating, and he tells her that she will continue to do that.

Vicki returns home, and Liz tells her that presents have arrived for her. She opens one and it contains a necklace that she recognizes from a nurse in the foundling home. She opens the next gift, and recognizes it as the Collins' family history that she brought back to the past with her. She shows Liz the card with it, which just says "Peter."

Our thoughts

John: Poor Adam, fished in by a lying woman. Where's Carolyn when he really needs her?

Christine: Adam is a dolt! If Eve really loved him, she'd buy him a new sweater.

John: Since when does Liz have a car? More importantly, even if she does have a car, why would she always carry the keys with her? The only time she seems to leave Collinwood is via ambulance!

Christine: She has probably always had the car, though Carolyn may be the only one to drive it. Since she wasn't around, Vicki had to ask Liz to borrow it. I wonder if Carolyn will be back in time for the wedding, and if David will be around to be the ringbearer, as promised by Jeff Clark.

John: The Collins' family history book has returned to its rightful home. The only problem is, sending it saying it came from Peter all but assures that Vicki will know it's some kind of trick!

Christine: How is it that Liz didn't recognize the Collins family history book? And what's up with Vicki opening presents before the wedding anyway? I didn't think she was going to be able to open the present from the foundling home. It looked like the poor girl has never opened a present before.

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