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Dark Shadows Episode 628 - 11/20/68

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Angelique approaches her coffin, and thinks that if she succeeds tonight, Blair will be returned to darkness, and the master may lift her curse. She summons a great evil, and is surrounded by fire. She begs not to be destroyed, but screams in agony. A voice asks why she summoned him. It says she will descend to him, and she finds herself in hell.

A robed figure sitting at a desk tells her to approach him. She tells him that Nicholas has failed him. He says she deserved the punishment she received, and he doesn't want to hear any more. He explains how proud he is of Blair, and how excited he is about the super race Blair is preparing for him. She tells him that Blair is failing him, with one of the super beings already having killed the other, because Blair is preoccupied with love for a girl in town. He can't understand how one of his followers could love. She asks him to give her the power to handle Blair. He asks what she'll want in return for taking care of him, and she replies that she would have him lift the curse.

Blair returns home and finds Adam not interested in talking. Blair asks about Eve, and Adam tells him that she's out. Adam asks if Blair was with Maggie. He says he was, and asks why Adam asked. Adam explains that he's lonely when there's a knock at the door. Blair sends him away and opens the door for Julia.

She says she's there to see Adam. Blair says he's not there, and she doesn't believe him. She checks the drawing room, and finds it empty. She then tells Blair that Eve is dead. Murdered. Blair is shocked. He asks how it happened, and she tells him Jeff Clark found her in his room, strangled. She says the police are sure Jeff killed her, but she says they both know it was Adam. He then appears and asks her how she knows. Blair invites her in, and she asks Adam why he killed her. He says he didn't, and she points out he knew Eve was dead when she arrived, or he would have been surprised by the news.

He says he doesn't care because she didn't love him. Blair thinks her theory is interesting, and asks what she intends to do. She says there's nothing she can do, but it would be good to get Adam out of town. She asks to speak to Adam alone, and Blair refuses. Adam demands that he let them speak alone, and Blair leaves.

She tells Adam that she's not unhappy that Eve is dead. She explains she was an evil, vicious woman, and she's glad that she's dead. She tells Adam that she needs his help. She explains that Jeff is innocent. She adds that Stokes taught him decency. He asks if she expects him to go to the police and confess, and she says she doesn't. She says she wants to help the three of them, Adam, Barnabas and Jeff, but she doesn't know how she can. Adam doesn't believe she cares about him. She reminds Adam that she created him. He says he has no friends. She asks about Carolyn and Stokes. He tells her to leave, and she does. After she's gone, Adam realizes he can't like anyone ever again.

Blair accuses Adam of lying. Adam asks what Blair will do if he admits to killing Eve. Blair says he doesn't know. There's a knock at the door, and Blair says it could be the police.

Adam hides, but it's Maggie at the door. She wanders in and looks around. He asks if there's a reason for her visit, and she says no. She tells him she doesn't know why she's there. He says he hopes she wanted to see him. She says she feels strange, and then grabs her neck, saying she can't breathe.

He can't understand what's happening when the room turns red. He hears a voice call his name. He realizes his master is speaking to him through Maggie. The voice warns Blair that tomorrow he will appear before him, and to be prepared.

Our thoughts

John: Angelique's interpretive dance and a disappointing chroma key effect delivered us to what may be the coolest, most ridiculous thing we've experienced in more than 600 episodes of Dark Shadows. Diabolos! Or more appropriately, Diabolos' office. He's got a nice desk, though his all-covering cloak is a little too business casual for such a force of darkness. And once you get him talking, he seems like an accessible evil guy, and not the overbearing evil master you might expect. I hope we haven't seen the last of Diabolos—he deserves his own show like David Brent or Michael Scott on The Office.

Christine: You're funny! Too bad you're not in charge of programming! We have truly entered a new realm on Dark Shadows. I love how Angelique was tattling on Blair for being in love when she's guilty of the same cardinal sin in Diabolos' book. I was surprised he didn't already know about that, but I guess he's not an omniscient being. You may be interested to know that Diabolos is played by Duane Morris, who also appeared as the headless creation in the dream curse in Episode 484, the headless ghost Nicholas summoned in Episode 544, and Lang's creation before he was given life. So Diabolos is really Adam, which is an interesting concept to ponder.

John: So once again, Adam's naiveté gets him in trouble. It was all planned what he was supposed to do, and when Julia arrives tossing around accusations, he gets defensive rather that playing surprised, shocked, or forlorn about the loss of his mate.

Christine: Will the ethical side of Adam cultivated by Professor Stokes win out and lead him to confess to exonerate Jeff Clark? Who knows what to expect from this impulsive creature. Have I become accustomed to seeing smoke everywhere, or did it seem particularly smoky at the House by the Sea today? Perhaps the smoke from Hell was wafting up to Blair's place.

John: Interesting that Maggie was brought in to deliver Diabolos' message. You'd think that one scene wouldn't warrant a day's work for Kathryn Leigh Scott, but go figure. Fortunately, it seems to set up a showdown between Blair and Diabolos tomorrow. But I don't know if I'd prefer to see Blair brought to D's office, or have the Big D show up at Blair's front door! I guess we'll find out tomorrow!

Christine: I certainly hope he doesn't intend to continue voicing through Maggie's open mouth. I'd like to see Blair brought before Big D's desk for his reckoning, though it will be fun to watch either way.

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Grant said...

I'm going to miss Eve. It's not EXACTLY what you'd call a crush, but I feel that way about any Marie Wallace character on the show.