Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 632 - 11/26/68

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Blair wonders where Jennings is, and why Adam disappeared. Everything is going wrong, and he realizes that his time is running out.

He decides that he must have Maggie now. He commands her to come to him, and believes they will be united in death.

Adam returns home, and Blair tells him he's glad that he's back. He explains that Eve will live again, but she will be different than she was before. He says she will truly love him. Blair explains that Maggie will provide the new life force for Eve. Adam says he doesn't know if he wants Eve to live again. Blair ensures him that Eve will be unlike how she was before, other than her beauty. Blair explains that he must do it. He asks Adam what he has to lose. Adam tells Blair that if Eve is anything like she was before, he will kill her.

Maggie arrives at Blair's, and he asks her why she has come to see him. She says she knows he doesn't have very much time, and she tells him that she agrees to marrying him. She tells him that she hadn't decided as of this morning, but then she suddenly decided to do it. He tells her he's very happy, and says that they will be married tonight. She tells him marriage is very serious. Blair tells her that he must leave Collinsport tonight, and he wants her to leave with him as his wife. She asks what's the rush, and he tells her he has business in London.

Chris Jennings arrives at Windcliff to see his sister Amy. While he waits, he realizes that there will be a full moon tonight. A young girl walks in, and he offers his sister a present. She doesn't speak, so he opens the gift and shows her it's a box of paint. She takes it and throws is. She asks why he didn't come before. He says he wanted to. She cries and tells him to go away. He tells her that he'll change his plans so he can stay. She begs him not to leave her.

Chris returns to the Inn and asks the Innkeeper if he can change to an isolated room. The innkeeper explains he has a room, but it's very small. He takes Chris upstairs. Chris says he'll take the room, and asks him to be locked in. He also tells the Innkeeper that if he hears strange noises, that's just part of his writing process. The Innkeeper does as he's asked, and locks Chris into the room.

Maggie asks Blair where the minister is. He offers to pour a toast, and adds something to her glass. He hands her the glass and she takes it. He toasts their happiness, and they drink. She passes out, and he picks her up.

Noises come from behind the door to Chris' room. The Inkeeper knocks on the door and calls to Chris. He unlocks the door and enters the room. It's a mess. The Inkeeper turns and screams in terror.

Blair carries Maggie's body to an altar.  He begins a ceremony and says Maggie will be his bride throughout time.

The Innkeeper's bloody body is dragged across the floor of the room.

Blair begins performing a ritual to unite their spirits.

Our thoughts

John: What happened to Chris Jennings' sister Molly? Are we to believe that was just a nickname for Chris' sister Amy?

Christine: Perhaps Amy is Molly's twin sister. 1970s kids may recognize Amy, played by Denise Nickerson, as Violet Beauregard in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, or possibly as one of the hip members of the Short Circus on The Electric Company, singing about vampires.

John: I'm willing to believe that Blair can use a spell to get Maggie to do whatever he wants, but does he really think that Barnabas or Willie will go through with the experiment when they see who Eve's new life-force donor is?

Christine: If Blair loves Maggie so much, why is he willing to risk her life by putting her through the experiment? It was an interesting ritual, though it's not clear how he sacrificed her on the Black Altar, as Diabolos demanded. It looked to me like he was just spitting whatever he drank from the chalice into her mouth to get their spirits to comingle. 

John: So long Conrad Bain, long-time manager of the Collinsport Inn. It appears that he was killed by Chris Jennings, or whatever Chris Jennings became in the light of the full moon.

Collinsport Hotel manager, Mr. Wells, with Sam #1 in Episode 11.

Mr. Wells with Sam #2 in Episode 61.

Christine: He had such a wonderfully frightening demise! I enjoyed the view of Amy and Chris through the fish tank that we first saw when we met Dr. Hoffman at Windcliff in Episode 265. The fish swimming in front of their eyes created a nice, creepy effect.


Paul Haney said...

With the gruesome shot of Conrad Bain's bloody face and the dark "wedding" ceremony, this was pretty intense stuff for 1968 daytime TV.

Dave Dykema said...

That's what I thought when I watched this one. Where was Tipper Gore back then?