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Dark Shadows Episode 621 - 11/12/68

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In the old house, Julia calls Willie, who comes downstairs. She tells him they must find Barnabas. She explains that he is dying. Willie asks if Barnabas dies, if he'll be like he was before. She says he will, and explains that Angelique is responsible. Willie doesn't know who she's talking about, so Julia provides Angelique 101.

Blair returns home to find Adam passed out on the floor. He asks him if Angelique had touched him. He says no, and Blair realizes that she must have done something to Barnabas. He curses himself for trusting her. He gives Adam a drink and helps him into a chair. He asks if he saw Angelique, and Adam says he did.

In the woods, Julia calls to Barnabas. Willie does the same.

Blair asks when Angelique returned, and then suggests that she left again, after which Adam felt ill. Adam says he felt weak, and doesn't remember any more. Blair wonders if Angelique has succeeded in killing Barnabas.

Willie and Julia search the woods unsuccessfully.

Blair checks Adam's pulse. He wonders if Lang's message about Barnabas and Adam is true. He wonders if Adam can live if Barnabas dies. He realizes that he must find Barnabas, and turns to his magic mirror, only to find that it's missing. He realizes that Angelique took it, and declares that she won't get away with it.

Back at the old house, Willie reminds Julia that Barnabas saved her by staking Tom Jennings. Julia says that Angelique's coffin must be at Blair's. She tells Willie to fetch her a stake and mallet.

Julia comes to see Blair. She says she has come to save Adam, and tells him that he had better let her in. Blair invites her in and tells her Adam isn't well. He asks how she knew that, and she says they will have to be very honest with one another. Julia checks Adam, and Blair tells her that he doesn't have healing powers. She asks where Angelique's coffin is, and he denies knowledge of any coffin or Angelique. Julia says she has the means of saving Adam, removing the stake and mallet from her purse. Blair continues to deny what she's referring to. She also pulls out some blood to inject into Adam. She reiterates that there's only one known cure.

As Julia administers the blood to Adam, Barnabas awakens in the forest. He gets up and calls for help. Willie hears his call and runs toward him.

Julia tells Blair that she only provided temporary relief. Blair tries to convince her that she has got him wrong. She leaves Blair with the stake, and tells him that if he's as wise as she thinks he is, he will use it.

Willie brings Barnabas back to the old house. Barnabas tells him to pull the drapes shut. Willie does, and says Julia may be in trouble at Blair's house. He then asks why Barnabas didn't tell him about Angelique. Barnabas asks if Julia knows about Angelique, and she enters to say that she does. Julia sends Willie to Collinwood to call Windcliff to send an ambulance. She tells him that he'll be safe from Angelique there. Otherwise, she will kill him tonight.

Blair realizes that Julia was right about Angelique. He knows she will kill Adam, bringing down his master's wrath.

Blair approaches her coffin in the basement with the mallet and stake. He thinks that she won't suffer; that she will just cease to exist. He opens the coffin...

Our thoughts

John: Since the writers seem to be playing fast and loose with the rules, I'm curious if Barnabas dies and returns as a vampire, if the same would happen to Adam?

Christine: I think they may be rewriting the rules entirely. I still wonder if Adam will continue to house the vampire affliction for Barnabas, or if it was a one time deal.

John: So Barnabas keeps a supply of stakes and mallets at the old house? Pretty odd for a former vampire.

Christine: It's not so odd for him to have a backup supply for when he had to rescue his one true love from vampire Tom Jennings.

John: Curious how Blair continues to play coy with Julia. Amazing he doesn't just own up to what she already knows. Of course, setting him up to be the one to stake Angelique is rather poetic. But since it didn't happen today, I'm not holding my breath that it's going to happen tomorrow.

Christine: It will be interesting to find out if Blair cares more for his plan for Adam or his relationship with Angelique. He should not be surprised by her continued defiance when he does not follow through on the threats he makes. The magic mirror theft was a pretty brazen challenge to his authority.

Another chroma-key view from the front door of the House by the Sea today.

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