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Dark Shadows Episode 611 - 10/28/68

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Eve comes out of the hypnosis, saying that Jeff Clark is Peter Bradford, and she loves him. Blair tells her that she's forgetting about Adam. She says she doesn't care about Adam, that she's going to be with Peter Bradford and he can't stop her. He says she could be wrong about Jeff Clark. She says the memory of Peter isn't the only thing that came back. She also remembered that she killed for him. Blair says she killed her lover after she fell in love with Peter. Eve says that explains her urge to kill Adam. Blair says she cannot, and that she must pretend to love Adam. Blair says she will forget Peter, although Eve doesn't believe his threats. She storms out.

Adam sees that she's left, and asks Blair where she went. He says she had a headache, and she'll be fine. He says she'll be herself in the morning. Adam says she's miserable at Blair's house. Blair tells him to go upstairs and leave him alone. Adam says he wants to leave, and Blair says he can't, looking the way he does. He assures Adam that everything will be fine. Adam tells him that he wants to leave, and Blair says they will leave soon, but it will be the four of them—including Maggie Evans. Adam asks if he's in love with her, and Blair says that he wants her with them. He says that once he convinces her to come with them, they will all leave.

Jeff lies on his bed, smoking, when there's a knock at the door. It's Eve. She steps in, and asks if he's going to invite her in. He tries to close the door on her, and she sidesteps it and closes it behind her.

He asks her to leave, and she tells him she has proof she's right about him. He tells her to stop calling him Peter; because he died 200 years ago. She realizes that he doesn't remember, and is afraid of knowing the truth. She tells him he's just as unreasonable now as he was then.

He tells her he doesn't know who she is, and he never wants to see her again. Eve asks him who the woman she saw him with at Collinwood was. He tells her to leave Vicki alone. He says they are getting married soon. Eve says she doesn't have very much time to convince him that he once loved her. She says they'll be together again soon. Jeff tells her it's not possible for people to come back from the dead. She says they were both brought back from the dead. As she leaves, she tells him not to count on his marriage to Vicki ever taking place.

Blair visits Maggie, and tells her he has to put all other matters aside until he can work something out with her. He asks her to marry him. He explains that he may need to leave Collinsport suddenly, and wants her to come with him. She tells him that she can't marry him.

He prepares to leave, and she says she needs to explain why. She tells him that if she weren't so worried about Joe, she might feel differently. She tells him that Joe attempted suicide. She adds that there was another woman. Blair asks if she knows who it was, and she tells him that she doesn't know yet.

Eve returns home, and Adam tells her they will be leaving in a few days. She doesn't seem pleased. She bids Adam goodnight. Blair returns home, and Adam asks how soon they will be leaving. He tells him it will take a little longer than he thought. He explains that Maggie doesn't want to leave yet. He says that after he attends to another matter, she will change her mind.

There's a knock on the door, and Blair sends Adam upstairs so he can meet with Harry Johnson. He tells Harry he has a job for him. He shows him a vial of poison, and tells him that Harry is going to give it to someone. Harry says he can't, until Blair threatens to discipline him. He says Harry is to go to Barnabas' house, find the room Joe Haskell is in, and empty the poison into Joe's medicine tray.

Our thoughts

John: Wow. Blair admitted that he didn't know something; how to make Eve happy. That's a first!

Christine: I love the way Jeff Clark pulls out a book and pretends to read to try and get rid of Eve.

John: Eve tells Peter that she looks different than she did 200 years ago, but didn't she look exactly the same when we saw her in her flashback last week?

Christine: Nice observation. You'd think under hypnosis she might see herself as she looked at the time, in addition to regaining her memory of who she once was. 

John: Blair's plan seems to be coming apart at the seams. If he can't control two man-made monsters, how can he control an army of them? And surely he must realize that killing Joe isn't just going to make Maggie comfortable about running off with him!

Christine: I thought it was interesting that he said Angelique would not be joining their merry group when they leave. Angelique may be delighted to know that. Why does he insist that Maggie come of her own free will instead of using his mojo to make her run away with him? Perhaps Blair truly does love Maggie to propose to her in her garish velour top and quilted pants ensemble.

Where does the quilt end and her pants begin?

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