Thursday, October 11, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 599 - 10/10/68

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Willie returns to the old house calling for Barnabas. He comes downstairs and Willie says that Maggie escaped, and she's probably on her way to the police. Barnabas says they have to find her. They leave together.

Maggie wanders through the woods. She realizes that she has to get to the police.

Barnabas asks Willie how Maggie escaped. He tells him that David found her and let her go. Barnabas accuses Willie of lying, and letting Maggie escape. Willie is adamant that it's true. He says David knew about the secret room.

Maggie wonders if the police will believe her. She thinks Julia might tell them she's her patient, and gave her committed to Windcliff. She realizes that she has to find Joe.

Joe looks out at the moon. He senses Angelique, calling to him. He knows he has to resist her. She appears in his room and asks him why he didn't come to her. She reminds him that he needs her.

She fondles his neck, and he says he doesn't want her there.

He asks her to leave, and she says he doesn't want her to. He refuses to look into her eyes. She tells him that she will have him.

Willie finds Maggie's shoe. Barnabas decides that she's making her way towards town.

Joe asks Angelique why she won't leave him alone. She forces him to look into her eyes. She tells him he can't resist her. He succumbs to her, and she tells him not to try and resist her again. She leans in to bite his neck and they are interrupted by Maggie's scream. Maggie passes out.

Joe puts Maggie on his bed, unconscious. She wakes up and asks who she was. He tells her she wouldn't understand, and Maggie says she does understand. She says that she was attacked the same way. She tells him they need to leave town. There's a knock at the door, and Maggie asks him not to answer it.

Barnabas and Willie return to the old house. Barnabas says they'll wait for the police to arrive. Willie is freaking out when there's a knock at the door. Barnabas tells Willie to let him do the talking.

He answers the door and it's Joe, asking Barnabas to stop by and see Maggie at her request. Willie and Barnabas leave, and we see Joe emerge from the bushes.

Maggie looks at one of her pop's sketches of Barnabas.

There's a knock at the door, as Willie and Barnabas have come to see her. She invites them in. She says she wanted to give Barnabas some of the sketches of him that her father created. She also says it's nice to see Willie, as it's been a while since she's seen him. She offers them coffee, but they excuse themselves.

Outside, Barnabas says someone must have intervened. He assumes it was Blair. Willie asks why Blair would do anything to help him, and Barnabas tells him it must be part of a diabolical plan.

Our thoughts

John: Great superimposed shot of Angelique's wide eyes and Joe at the window!

Christine: That was a particularly nice shot. I know Maggie is in a panic, but would she really leave one shoe behind to go traipsing through the woods with a bare foot?

John: Sad that David has already been cast aside as an afterthought, and no sign of Adam and Eve in today's episode. Had to make room for Joe and Angelique, I guess.

Christine: Perhaps he's spending time with his absentee governess, or his fleeting sister, or maybe his crazy aunt or neglectful father, who have all been cast aside with the rotating cast schedule.

John: So someone showed up at Joe's place, after which Joe went to see Barnabas (and remained after he left), and that person clearly mesmerized Maggie, and got her to hide (or forget) what Barnabas did to her. So... is it Nicholas Blair? And if so, why are they being so coy about it?

Christine: Of course it's Nicholas Blair! They have to be coy about it so we won't get bored by immediately having our suppositions validated. Incidentally, it's nice to see a posthumous sketch of Barnabas by Sam. Hope we'll get to see more unseen Works of Sam Evans in the future.

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