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Dark Shadows Episode 607 - 10/22/68

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Blair wakes up Adam to tell him that Eve is safe. He explains that Barnabas came in the night, and he found Angelique instead. Adam tells Blair that he feels weak as he rubs his neck. Blair examines his neck and is surprised to see bite marks.

Adam asks where they came from, and then remembers a dream in which he was frightened. Blair asks him if Angelique has been in his room tonight, and Adam says she has not. Blair says he thinks he knows what happened, and that he has to find Angelique. Adam begs him not to bring her there, because he's frightened of her. Blair says he knows what Adam fears, and he will put an end to it.

Angelique gloats how Barnabas will finally be hers. Blair finds her and says he wants to talk to her. She says it's almost dawn, and he explains that it's important. He tells her she must stay away from Barnabas. She says he promised him, and he explains that he forgot Eric Lang's message about anything happening to Barnabas. He says that Adam has wounds on his neck, and is weak like Barnabas is. Angelique says she needs Barnabas, and Blair tells her she can summon Joe Haskell instead. She claims that he wants her to summon Joe because he wants Maggie. He says they can argue, and reminds her it's time to return to her coffin, which she does.

Joe drinks alone at the bar in The Blue Whale when Maggie comes in. She approaches him, initially not speaking to him, and then saying hello. She says he doesn't seem to be caring about much of anything these days. He asks her if she's there to see Blair, and she admits that she is. She asks if there's a reason that she shouldn't, and he says no. She asks Joe if he's been working, and he snaps at her not to lecture him. He then asks if she's okay, saying that he's thought about her. She says she thought he had stopped caring about her a long time ago. He starts to say something, and then stops. She says it's not easy for them to talk to each other anymore, and then Blair enters. He and Vicki grab a table, and she says goodbye to Joe.

He watches her, wishing he could tell her what Angelique has done to him. He gets up to leave, pauses to look at Maggie, and exits.

Blair asks her what she'd like to drink, and she says anything. She says it's upsetting seeing Joe that way. Blair orders them each Black Russians. She says she doesn't even know Joe anymore.

Adam is reading a book when Angelique comes into his room. He's noticeably frightened. She asks where Nicholas is, and he tells her he's out with Maggie Evans. Adam tells her he doesn't want to be in the same room as her, and scurries off. She thinks that Blair is getting what he wants while withholding what she wants. She says he's in for a surprise tonight, as she will do her best to spoil his plans.

Joe comes to Blair's house in search of Angelique. He finds her and she says that she didn't summon him. She tells him to go away. He says that she needs him. She says she doesn't want him anymore. He can't believe it. He assumes there's someone else, and threatens to kill him. He says he'll stay and wait for him to come. She tells him to look into the mirror so he can see what's happening to his beloved Maggie.

Joe sees Maggie and Blair together. He hears Blair tell her that he's falling in love with her. Blair tells her that if she doesn't feel the same, they should stop seeing each other. She tells him that there's a chance for a relationship, and he kisses her.

Angelique tells Joe to leave and not come back, suggesting that perhaps Maggie will take him back. Joe says that he's lost Maggie, his job... everything. All because of Angelique.

She reiterates that she doesn't want him. He tells her that she ruined his life and doesn't even care, and she agrees. He grabs a letter opener and threatens to kill her. She tells him he looks ridiculous, and he says he should kill himself.

She tells him that she is bored by him, and turns her back on him. She hears him grunt, and turns around to find he has stabbed himself in the stomach with the letter opener.

Our thoughts

John: Doesn't Adam look like a baby sleeping in a tiny bed? Good thing he has Maggie's blanket to comfort him.

Christine: It was nice to hear Cue 75: Slow Blue Whale again, as it brings back memories of early DS episodes. Too bad Bartender Bob Rooney wasn't serving today. We'll see him again in the future, but only for a few more performances.

John: Since when do thirsty vampires get picky about their next food source? And victims haven't always been known to throw themselves at their vampire masters.

Christine: Vampires must get picky when they have a plethora of different delicacies available to gorge themselves on as Angelique does. Ellen offered herself to Count Orlock in Nosferatu, so there is precedent for victims throwing themselves at vampires, though it may have been taken to an extreme here.

John: When we saw Adam fiddling with the letter opener, I assumed it would come in to play later, though I didn't expect it would end up in Joe's belly. Could we have possibly seen the end of Joe Haskell? Will it have any impact on Maggie's blossoming relationship with Nicholas Blair? Or will Joe survive to be reunited with the love of his life? I guess we'll find out tomorrow!

Christine: I can't believe Joe gave it to himself in the gut! It seems like that would be a slow, painful death. I understood exactly how he felt when he said, "I can't watch anymore," after seeing Blair lock lips with Maggie for a full ten seconds! Ewww! Too scary! 

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Paul Haney said...

Re: that too-long kiss...To paraphrase Hawkeye Pierce in MASH..."If Nicholas straightens out Maggie's overbite, I'll kill him!"