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Episode 155 - 1/27/67

Mrs. Johnson visits Burke Devlin, and asks him if he thinks Laura will help him destroy the Collins family. He explains that Laura will testify that Roger was driving the car. Mrs. Johnson says Laura Collins is a fraud. She says that she heard Laura told Roger that she was keeping Burke pacified to keep his mind off the manslaughter case. Burke yells at Mrs. Johnson, calling her a liar and asking her if Roger is paying her to say these things. She begins to leave, and Burke apologizes to her. She tells Burke that he may not know Laura as well as he thinks he does. He says he can't believe she'd knife him in the back, and Mrs. Johnson asks if that isn't what she did to him 10 years ago.

David sits by the fire with his mother. She says she enjoyed their visit, but it's important that no one knows about them. She gets ready to send him on his way, and he spots a music box. She plays it for him, and when he says he likes it, she gives it to him. She suggests he leave it in the cottage for now. He pleads with her to let him take it home, and she lets him, as long as he hides it. She sends him on his way, and returns to her spot by the fire.

David arrives home, and while holding the music box, his aunt walks in on him. She asks where he has been, and he says he's been on the beach. He hides the music box behind his back. He starts to back up the stairs, and Liz asks what he's holding. When he says it's nothing, she asks him to show her. He says he found it on the beach. Liz says she knows it belongs to his mother. She says she thinks he saw his mother and she gave it to him. He says he did not, and when Liz asks why he's lying, he says he wants to spend time with her. Liz leads him into the drawing room. Liz tells him that he won't do anything to hurt his mother, and that she doesn't think it's good for him to see her right now. He begs his aunt not to send his mother away. He says she hates his mother. Liz says she doesn't hate his mother, because she loves him very much. David then screams that he hates his aunt and runs upstairs.

Burke stops in to see Laura at the cottage and asks for an explanation. He says he cannot trust her. Laura tells him goodbye, and begins to cry. He's obviously affected by her tears.

Liz grabs her coat, and heads out the front door.

Laura says she has to appease Roger and pretend she's not interested in Burke if she wants to get custody of David. Burke says he trusts her. He kisses her, and they are interrupted by Liz. Burke leaves, telling Liz that he's glad things are out in the open. Liz tells Laura she's less concerned with Burke, and more concerned with her having David lie to her, and meeting with him secretly. Liz tells her she has to leave. Laura asks what she'll do if she refuses to leave. Liz assures her that she'll never get David. Laura says if she decides to take David, no power on Earth will stop her. Liz leaves, and Laura returns to her fire.

Back in the main house, Liz looks for Roger in the drawing room. She appears to become faint as Laura's image is superimposed over her. She tries to make her way upstairs, and calls to Vicki and Roger before falling down the stairs.

Our thoughts

John: I love when Laura asks Burke if he remembered what they said a long time ago, and he matter-of-factly says, we said a lot of things.

Christine: Blech! Mrs. Johnson very effectively broke Laura's spell over Burke, and with a few crocodile tears, he was sucked back in. How disgusting! I was wondering if we heard the first of Bob Cobert's well known music box compositions today, but could not find evidence that this was one of his music cues. It may have been a real music box, though it actually sounds like two different ones being played simultaneously.

John: When Liz bursts in on Laura and Burke, her shout obviously startled the boom man, as the shadow of the boom mic moves into frame.

Christine: I had to go back and see it and I have to say it was pretty funny to watch. This is my best effort at capturing the moment. Ah, the little pleasures of Dark Shadows.

John: Nice to see Liz stand up to someone other than just Roger for a change. Laura is clearly a more formidable opponent.

Christine: If Liz had supernatural powers, she would be the clear winner in this match up. Laura would be easily snuffed out by Madame Blanc. We have to wait until next week to find out what Laura has done to her, since there was no evidence of fire power.

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